Microsoft: Consolidate & Virtualize Your Servers


There’s a nice IT roundtable video called Consolidate & Virtualize that I wanted to point out in case you missed it. Included on this site is a Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization customer case study based on the Totem Ocean Trailer Express, Inc. experience. Tip, if you download the case study more than once, you get other case studies too. I just did and the next paper was based on Kroll Factual Data company of Loveland, Colorado.

A CRM MVP was talking to me yesterday about how such a small team like the Microsoft Dynamics CRM team manages to test all the different kinds of implementations for our product. We are able to do it using the same techniques discussed in these example. Yes we use Microsoft Windows Server and Hyper-V technology to do all our builds 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



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  1. WindowsServerSucks says:

    Use VMware for Virtualization Solution.

    Make your windows virus free and lots of users will surely reconsider windows server.

    Problems with windows server really persist.

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