Top Ten Microsoft Dynamics CRM sites for 2010

Check out the most popular content and community areas available to help you create the perfect experience for your business. This is usually the most popular handout we provide at conferences and now you have it without the long plane trip.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web site is the place to go for information on all things CRM. You’ll find everything from an introduction to CRM and its value to your business to white papers, product specifications, customer testimonials, links to CRM communities, and much more.

Resource Center - The Resource Center is a one-stop shop, designed to help you get started, maximize your efficiency, and build your business. Using a community-centered approach, the Resource Center brings you some of the best community ideas via blogs, forums, and newsgroups right to your desktop. But if you like to explore them on your own, you’re just a click away. Ramp up now and gain the knowledge that will help you care for your customers and maximize profits.

Developer Center - The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer Center is the place to go for information and sample code for developers. You’ll find both introductory and in-depth articles, overview and reference documentation, entity model diagrams for you to download, links to community and support, and much more.

SDK Downloads - The Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK download package contains all the same documentation found in the MSDN library, as well as hundreds of code samples in both C# and Visual Basic .NET, code to build tools for registering plug-ins, and a design guide to help you create CRM add-ins that match the look of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Implementation Guides – The three implementation guides; planning, installing, and maintaining are now available on TechNet. These guides help you do the research and make decisions that are necessary to create a CRM solution that is right for your company.

MSDN Code Gallery - The MSDN Code Gallery is your one-stop resource for finding code to customize and enhance your CRM experience. Developers and software vendors can start here to find code solutions.

CodePlex - CodePlex is the Microsoft open-source, project-hosting Web site. Developers and software vendors can start a new project, join an existing one, or download software created by the community.

Implementation Guide - The Implementation Guide contains comprehensive information about how to plan, install, and maintain Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. The planning tools include 43 templates, projects, and worksheets to help plan your implementation.

Community Home Page - The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community is the place to go for information about all things CRM. You’ll find articles and links to blogs, forums, newsgroups, MVPs, and much more.

Team Blog - The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog is the place to go to connect with the CRM team. You’ll find articles on customization, development, and implementation. This is one of the fastest ways to get to know the CRM team.

Forums - The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forums are your question and answer resource. You’ll find answers to some of your most pressing questions and a team of crack experts ready to help.

CRM MVPs - The Microsoft MVP site recognizes exceptional technical community leaders from around the world. Here you can find experts who love to talk about all aspects of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

CRM on Facebook - The Microsoft Dynamics CRM group in Facebook is a community that facilitates networking and collaboration. Go here to meet people in your part of the world, view videos, and introduce your company to the group.

CRM on Linked In - and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM group is a community that fosters business networking. Here you can place a public resume, create and maintain business connections, and provide feedback to business acquaintances based on the services they provide.

CRM on Twitter - The Community and Content Strategy Team is playing with this as a way to cherry pick great CRM reads and tweet them to you.

Did I say top-10?  :o)



Comments (4)

  1. David Smith says:

    It looks like the CRM on Twitter link goes to the twitter homepage.  Is it supposed to link to an account ran by  The Community and Content Strategy Team?

  2. Rakesh says:

    Again dissapointed not getting in to the list. we have worked very hard on our website to make a community  website for dynamics crm

    We will keep working hard to achieve a place there  and we have no doubt about getting in to that list 🙂


  3. says:

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