Update Rollup 9 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0


The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sustained Engineering team released Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup 9 on Thursday, February 11, 2010.

The links below will take you to the necessary information about Update Rollup 9.

General Details about Update Rollup 9

  • Update Rollup 9 is cumulative. However, the Update Rollup 9 CRM Client and Data Migration Client packages require Update Rollup 7 to be installed. For all other CRM components you do not need to install any previous Update Rollups prior to Update Rollup 9
  • The Update Rollup 9 download contains updates for the 40 supported Language Packs. Prior to installing the Update Rollup 9 Language pack you must install the original Language pack.
    • If you have Language Packs installed, you should

             1. Download the Update Rollup 9 Language Pack

             2. Install the Update Rollup 9 Language Pack

             3. De-provision the Language Pack

             4. Re-provision the Language Pack

  • Information about how to avoid reboots when installing the CRM Outlook Client can be found in the Update Rollup 4 blog posting.
  • The Update Rollup 9 Client can be deployed before the server is upgraded to Update Rollup 9.
  • Steps to make the Update Rollup 9 Client available via AutoUpdate can be found in the Update Rollup 4 blog posting. The Link and Patch IDs can be found in KB article 977650.
  • Each update rollup could have fixes that require manual configuration. Please see the “Hotfixes and updates that you have to enable or configure manually” section in KB 977650.

Internet Explorer 8 Customers

The Internet Explorer team released a cumulative update on 1/21/2010. This cumulative update is recommended for customers that use Microsoft CRM. It will resolve issues caused by the popup blocker when using the CRM Client. It will also help resolve formatting issues when using the CRM web client submenus in an Internet facing deployment.

The IE8 cumulative update can be obtained from Microsoft Update. More information about this update can be found at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/978207.

How to get support for Update Rollup 9

To get support please contact Microsoft Product Support. For a complete list of Microsoft Product Support Services telephone numbers and information about support costs, visit the following Microsoft Web site: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=fh;[LN];CNTACTMS

Note: In special cases, charges that are ordinarily incurred for support calls may be canceled if a Microsoft Support Professional determines that a specific update will resolve your problem. The usual support costs will apply to additional support questions and issues that do not qualify for the specific update in question.


Matt Brown

Comments (14)

  1. Ret says:

    Can we deploy Rollup 9 to Outlook Client without upgrading the server to Rollup 9? Server is CRM 4.0 with Rollup 5.

  2. bensonk2@msn.com says:

    You can.  However keep in mind that some of the fixes require the RU’s to be installed on both the server AND Client in order for them to work.

    Were you just planning to do the Outlook client first, then do the server and other CRM components?  Or JUST the Outlook Client?  

    PS.  RU7 is pretty much a MUST for both Server and Outlook client.  Pretty major changes…

  3. Nelson says:

    I read that I needed to have Rollup 7 installed first, so I downloaded that and tried to run it, but I get an error dialog: "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server was not found on the system." I was pretty sure I tried the correct 32 bit version of the rollup, but a similar post on Rollup 4 suggested I did the wrong version, so I also tried the amd64 bit version and it has the same results.

    I then tried to install Rollup 8&9 to see what would happen there and I get an error dialog, "Could not load type…" and exits.

    I checked the application and system logs and there were no entries related to this issue. I know CRM is working because I was just customizing an entity. I ran IISReset and that didnt change the outcome of the rollup installs either.

    How do you tell what the last rollup installed is, or verify that we have the 32 bit version?

  4. bensonk2@msn.com says:

    1. Make sure you are on the CRM server (As silly as that sounds – You wouldn’t be the first) – Right Click on "My Computer" and choose Properties.   The main screen should tell you if you are on a 32-bit or 64-bit Server.

    2. Go into the Control panel, choose Add/Remove Programs (If you are on Server 2008 choose "Programs and Features"

    3. Check the box at the top that says "show updates" – Scroll down until you get to the CRM application – All Rollup should show up.  (If you are on Server 2008 – Click the "show installed updates" on the left navigation panel. scroll to find your updates.

    You need to install rollups for all components that you have installed.

  5. Larry says:

    Is there any way to know what roll-up has been installed on a given machine other then the control panel?  Is there a build number somewhere that has eluded me?

  6. bensonk2@msn.com says:

    Yep, but its a little more ‘criptic’

    In the Outlook client, go to the CRM dropdown > Help > About Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    4.0.7333.2644 Update Rollup #9

    4.0.7333.2542 Update Rollup #8

    4.0.7333.2138 Update Rollup #7

    4.0.7333.1750 Update Rollup #6

    4.0.7333.1644 Update Rollup #5

    4.0.7333.1551 Update Rollup #4

    4.0.7333.1408 Update Rollup #3

    4.0.7333.1316 Update Rollup #2 (Re-Release)

    4.0.7333.1312 Update Rollup #2 (Original Release)

    4.0.7333.1113 Update Rollup #1

  7. Brian says:


    Thank you, I was looking for a version history of the CRM 4 dynamics client and came across your post.

    We had an independent consulting company install CRM 4 several months ago and most of our users have the client version 4.0.7333.3 installed, which I assume was the very first CRM 4 client for Outlook available? I can’t seem to find anything on that version.

    Our server is running rollup 6 and I upgraded my client and several others to rollup 9 without a problem.

    Is there a wiki or kb article where this information is posted?

    The reason for the upgrades to the client is a lot of our users are having issues sending email through exchange OWA 2007 with the outlook plugin installed and the messages end up in drafts when Dynamics is launched on the users desktop. From our prelimary testing, this was fixed in later versions of the client.

  8. bensonk2@msn.com says:


    I’m not sure that I’m understanding your Outlook Issue.

    CRM cannot be used through OWA. (Outlook Web Access)

    However, a few workarounds exist:  Using Outlook via Terminal Server with the Outlook client installed.   Or using your normal outlook client with the Internet Facing Deployment and OWA (outlook anywhere) when you are off the Network.

    The easiest way to see which updates have been installed is to access the "Add/remove Programs" in Control panel, then check the box that says "show updates".  You will see all of the updates (rollups)   You should be at Update Rollup 7 MINIMUM at this point.  (for all CRM components you are using.)

  9. Sheilah Scheurich says:

    Do you have to keep up with the rollups in order to still be under support?

  10. Sheilahs says:

    In order to ensure that you maintain support with Microsoft, is it necessary to keep up with the rollups?

  11. bensonk2@msn.com says:

    Found an issue that appears to have started after Update Rollup 9.

    When creating a new phone call activity, if you "Save as Complete" the Phone call activity still creates a task in Outlook that needs to be completed.   For some reason it does not compelete the Phone call activity.   HOWEVER, if you save the phone call first, then complete it, it syncs to outlook as a completed activity.

  12. Peter Hale says:

    on two systems –  if you install rollup 9 directly – clean install  –  Assign anything  crashes – still investigating

    Anyone else had this issue

  13. Ryan says:

    "on two systems –  if you install rollup 9 directly – clean install  –  Assign anything  crashes – still investigating"

    If you didn’t install Rollup 7 first this may be your culprit. Everything I’ve read suggests that 7 MUST be installed first.

  14. Nelson says:


     I followed your instructions on checking the Programs and Features installed in our Win Server Enterprise 2008 sp2, and we are using the 64 bit version, however none of the CRM rollups appear in the Installed Updates list. If I look at the version of CRM isntalled, it says 4.0.7333.3.

    I still cannot install a rollup.

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