Microsoft Security Essentials – Six Months Later


I blogged this here in October: We all know folks who won’t spring for anti-virus and malware software. For these kind of friends and family point to this from the Washington Post last year:

Microsoft's free new anti-virus product is earning decent marks in preliminary tests, putting it roughly on par with many other stand-alone anti-virus products available today.

A number of readers seem keen to try out Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE), but are eager to hear how the program stacks up against other free anti-virus tools in terms of detecting and removing malware. While the results of early testing may not provide that side-by-side comparison, they do offer a glimpse of how effective MSE may be in blocking and tackling some of the most common threats currently in circulation.”

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So I wanted to give you an update as this issue keeps coming up and people are surprised with the sophistication and ease of use associated with Microsoft’s free security solution. I started by putting this on my wife’s computer as she does more ad-hoc Internet activities like playing free games, streaming NetFlix movies (good performance test), and down loading software for various sewing and embroidery projects. After a month I uninstalled the paid subscription Norton and McAfee security packages and moved all my machines onto the Microsoft Security Essentials platform.

Then came the challenge, my dad and brother were using Avast Anti-virus and there is a known performance problem with it. But they hung on for dear life because it was free and worked. So I got them to move to this new security package and they are two months later very satisfied. 



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  1. Might be worthwhile to mention that people who currently use Windows Live OneCare will soon have to upgrade to Microsoft Security Essentials because Windows Live OneCare is being discontinued.

    Here is a thread on the upgrade discussion of OneCare to Security Essentials:

  2. Ayaz Ahmad says:


    I am curious whether microsoft will provide SDK/API in order to integrate this Security essentials to any application. Like Scanning files before uploading to CRM in Notes etc.



  3. 365blog says:

    There is no plan at this time to provide Microsoft Security Essentials SDK/API documentation or bits at this time.

  4. Brandon says:

    using an api would be great to invoke scans within our companies software so we could manage everything remotely via our software. I would love to see this happen.

  5. Robert says:

    I guess that Security Essentials is not intended to be used in companies since there is Forefront Thread Management Gateway. However. Many people would love having an API for SE. Like me do 🙂

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