“CRM at the Speed of Light” – Paul Greenberg

image "I have a saying that one always overestimates what can be done in one year and underestimates what can be done in ten years. We see this over and over..." Paul Greenberg in "CRM at the Speed of Light, 4th Edition". So begins my reading of Paul’s newest book. You can see his Biography here.

The book promises us new ways to look at CRM in the light of an Internet with rampant growth of things like blogging and social media sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. CRM’s promise is still developing and getting better with every release. Sometime in the near future companies without CRM systems will realize that without the CRM toolset, they can’t compete and/or survive. And the customer will be the ultimate benefactor of a system that makes buying, maintaining, and using necessary products easy and painless.

Okay, so now I’m going back to finish the book.  :o)



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  1. Every morning I start my day with Outlook (my email client).

    I then move on to Google Reader for my news. (Microsoft recently lost me as a Live.com user when they stopped their customized my.live.com service)

    With the CRM add-in for Outlook, Microsoft has done the right thing to keep my attention on using Outlook … and that is where their social media focus should be.

    I would like to see social media fully integrated into Outlook, or Microsoft risks losing my attention on the email client.

    I would like to see Microsoft focus on bringing social media to the email client more than into CRM.  CRM is already integrated into Outlook.

    Microsoft is at a big turning point with social media in that if they lose my attention on the email client (Outlook) because GMail makes it easier to integrate with social media, then they lose my primary way of connecting with Microsoft every morning.

    OK … rant over … I’ll now go check out the book!  Will definitely read it.

  2. Leon Tribe says:

    The book that coined the term ‘xRM’.

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