Automating Task Notification

CRM MVP Mitch Milam returns as our guest blogger today a tip based on workflows. You can read more from Mitch at his blog.

If you have ever assigned a task to someone and wondered when or if they completed it, this workflow process may help. This workflow is based the Task activity, but you can perform the same process on other activities as well. The workflow will execute when the record’s status changes. Here is a quick picture of how it is configured.


Our first check is to see if the Task was closed with either a Completed or Canceled status. If so, then we check the owner. Is it the same person who created it? If not, then we will send an email to the creator of the Task, using the following email:


When published, the workflow will generate an email that looks like this:



Mitch Milam

Comments (3)

  1. Cool – simple but effective!

  2. George says:

    Simple and effective indeed, great stuff, Mitch. The next challenge is to [easily] insert link to the completed task into the generated email. What are the options?

  3. Jakob says:

    insert link to the completed task ?

    – Well using the "regarding" is easy.

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