CRM Data connector

Microsoft Dynamics CRM handles all the reports with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SRS). SRS is a separate application that you can install on a different server than SQL Server or the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server if desired. Microsoft Dynamics CRM then connects to SRS by using the Reporting Services URL, as specified during installation….


Bio – Kalpana Chinnappa

Kalpana Chinnappa is a support engineer with the CRM team based in the Microsoft Global Technical Support Center at Bangalore, India. She has been with the CRM team for over a year now. She holds the MCSA and MCBSP certifications. Before joining the CRM Support Team, Kalpana was a support engineer for the Sharepoint support…


Importing data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online – Accounts & Contacts

How to import data from a single file into multiple record types Microsoft has released Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Delivers the November 2009 Service Update earlier this month. To assist organizations with importing their data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a new enhanced Import Data Wizard is available among other new cool features in this release….


Sonoma Partners’ xRM Socialization Demo @ PDC09

Today we welcome guest blogger Jim Steger, developer, blogger, and writer for Sonoma Partners with this report from PDC ‘09. On the last day of PDC09, I had the opportunity to present a brief demo of our internal socialization application (code name “SideBar”) with Andy Bybee from the CRM Product Team during his Developing xRM…


Creation of new Record Type and Fields with Import Data Wizard for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has recently released November 2009 Service update for Microsoft Dynamics CRM online. One of the key delivered features is enhanced Import Data Wizard. When users are bringing their custom data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Import Data Wizard, they can also create custom record types and fields on the fly and bring…


Owner Mapping/User creation in Import Data Wizard for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM online Nov 2009 Service Update has several exciting features. One of that is the Import Data Wizard that allows rapid Import of data from within the Webapp or Outlook client. This blog covers how record ownership is resolved and how the users are created as part of data import. Introduction To whom…


Bio – Dinesh Kumar Garg

I am Dinesh Kumar working in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team. I was part of the team that shipped Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 release and worked in area of Data Management. As part of the CRM online Nov 2009 Update I worked on the Import Data Wizard. Right now , I am contributing to the new…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Silverlight Duo

This post is from CRM MVP Julie Yack who is at PDC ‘09. Today at PDC Scott Guthrie announced not only loads of cool new features for Silverlight 4, but also the release today of the Beta. So, what in the world does that have to do with CRM? Glad that you asked. We’ve got…


Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Append Vs. Append To – What’s the Difference?

Today’s guest blogger is CRM MVP Joel Lindstrom who blogs at CustomerEffective. Thanks for this security 101 overview. This post is CRM security 101, but I get asked this question fairly often, so it seems that there is some confusion about what the difference is between “Append” and “Append To” security permissions.  I find this…


A World Without Choice, Part 2

“Technology must be able to adapt to unique business processes and changing strategies. Organizations that invest in flexible, proven CRM solutions will position themselves for success both today and tomorrow.”  – Rebecca Wetteman, vice president, Nucleus Research As the saying goes, the only constant is change.  Fundamentally, Microsoft believes that as business conditions change, software…