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  1. Christian Leverenz says:

    Great article. You must be able to read minds. I started working on this issues some days ago and last night i woke up with the idea, that a cache could help…

    great great great, especially the performncetests.

    Thanks a lot

     christian (

  2. Cuesent says:

    Exceptional post &  I would be waiting for your next article & gonna book mark it

  3. bhagiratha1984 says:

    hello everybody,

    i have a different situation, may be not suitable in this blog but i believe related to this blog. i have to asign OWNER to a custom entity called QUOTE which comes under ACCOUNT entity, it means every QUOTE entity record comes under an already existing ACCOUNT entity record(parent – child relationship).

    i have to assign the owner to that quote record which comes in input XML, but by default MSCRM 4.0 automatically takes the owner as the person who inserts the record into MSCRM.

    there are fields i can see in the QUOTE schema XSD in BizTalk for Owner such as "type". i tried to insert GUID of that owner with the type having "8" (for SystemUser Entity), ObjectTypeCode for QUOTE entity and 1 for Account entity and ____ lot of different combination. but error response i get from MSCRM is :

    <ErrorCode>0x80041102</ErrorCode><ErrorString>The entity with a name = ‘8’ was not found in the MetadataCache. :: Server was unable to process

    how to assign owner to quote, i am clueless now.

    your suggestion and assistance will be highly helpful.

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