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  1. twolpert says:

    We have been using the document entitled "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Microsoft Dynamics ISV Solution Test Guidelines" for this purpose. Is there a reason (for exmaple, the document is no longer current) that you don’t cite that as a source of information? Frankly, it’s a lot handier than watching a 40-some minute webinar from the testing vendor…

  2. Hi

    Is the Certified for Dynamics CRM logo going to be available to non Gold Certified Partners?

    We had our product certified by Lionbridge and have the ISV status at the moment and meet all other requirements to get the logo except for being a Gold Certified Partner.

    How do we go about getting the Certified for Dynamics CRM logo without going gold? it seems like an unnecessary step?

    Kind Regards,


  3. twolpert,

    You are correct in that the refered document contains all the information regarding the "software test". However to get the "logo" there are requirements outside of the software test (e.g. like having customer references) and that is why we refer people to those other resources. We are definitively working to improve our certification process for future CRM releases.

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