Getting Started: CRM Mobile Express

This post will help you in getting started with Mobile Express for MS CRM 4.0. Mobile Express consists of 2 components:

  1. Mobile Console
  2. Mobile Application

Mobile Console

The purpose of the console is to allow users (with sufficient (e.g. System Customization) privilege) to configure Mobile Express for their instance of CRM. Some of the things that can be done here are:

a) Select which entities you would like to enable for Mobile

b) Select which attributes (fields) of a particular entity you would like to add it to Mobile Form

c) Select the order of the attributes (moving them up and down on the form)

To access Mobile Console:

  1. Launch your CRM Application
  2. Navigate to Settings > Customization > Customize Mobile Express


When you click on Customize Mobile Express, you will see the following:


As can be seen from above screenshot, we have 2 lists here:

Available Entities – This is the list of entities that can be enabled for Mobile Application. For example, you would not see these entities in Mobile Application until you move them across to the Selected Entities list and publish the changes.

Selected Entities - This is the list of entities which are currently selected for Mobile Application. Launching Mobile Application would show you these entities.

You will need to publish the entity once it is moved from Available to Selected or vice versa to see the changes on the mobile application (device).

Mobile Application

This is the component where an end user can access Mobile Express on a browser on their mobile device. By default, the URL of the Mobile Application is http://CRM_Server_Name/OrgName/M:


Time for some FAQ’s:

1) What is the landing page of the Mobile Application?

Landing page is the first page which users see after they’ve signed in with http://CRM_Server_Name/OrgName/M. This landing page would show you all the entities which are available for Mobile and the ones which have its own home page.

2) In Mobile Console, why are some entities listed in bold text and others not?

Not all the entities supported for Mobile has its own home page (i.e.: Mobile Grid, View Selector, Quick Find, Paging etc). The entities which are in bold are the ones which have its own home page So, in order to distinguish these entities we have bold them in Mobile Console. The entities which are not in bold do not have its home page and can only be reached via Related Entities section or by clicking a lookup link from an mobile entity page. Another way of looking at it is that the entities in bold are the ones that are shown on the landing page.

3) My CRM has a base language which is ≠ 1033, why am I not able to use ME?

At this moment Mobile Express is only available for US English as a base language. As a result you would not be able to install ME on a system where base language is not US English.

4) How do I navigate to an entity mobile form if it is not listed in landing page?

You can do this either via a lookup link in Read Mode or via Related Entity section in Mobile entity page.

Till next time, go Mobile!

Manoj Kithany

Comments (14)

  1. Sven says:

    Make it available for other languages then english. Many users can’t use it because of a german base installation.

    Best regards, Sven

  2. Karl Newman says:


    We have a base system in US English. Will Mobile Express support translations for users with non us english language settings?

  3. Stuart Brown says:

    There is an absolute fundamental flaw to this (as there was in the old one for 3.0).  Service Activities and Appointments MUST be made available for editing!!!  Apart from looking up a phone number, it is possibly the only reason I can see to use CRM Mobile.  I send someone out on a service appointment and I need them to tick a couple of fields and close it!

    Is there a technical reason to not allow this?

  4. Stuart,

    You might consider to use Time Manager from CRMG.

    Full portal solution using crm as a platform.

    have a look at

  5. TRGroup says:

    There has to be an explanation or fix for this.  What is the point of mobile service activity information if it cant be entered.  Please fix.  All of the other entities can be modified.


  6. Prathmesh says:

    Is there any facility in CRM 4.0 Mobile Express for Adding/Editing the Appointments?

  7. Bill Owens says:

    In CRM 3.0 of the CRM Mobile Express we could disable fields on the screen. That way we could display information that we did not want updated (example account number). In 4.0 that ability is taken away, will it be comming back? Also, we use to get source code, is this now a part of CRM and is therfor not available to us?

  8. ManojKi - MSFT says:

    @Prathmesh: Currently in Mobile Express, one can Read Appointments but one cannot Add a new one or Edit an existing appointment.

    @Bill Owens:

    Thanks for your feedback regarding disabling certain fields in Mobile Express. And, yes, Mobile Express is now part of your CRM after latest UR package.

  9. PxPx says:

    I have an issue where nothing is on the landing page, i published the selected entities that I wanted and they dont show up.  When I got to the mobile CRM site it says not records could be displayed and has a Microsoft Dynamics CRM logo at the top and a home button that I can click.  

  10. ManojKi - MSFT says:

    @PxPx: This could be because you might not have "Go Mobile" Privilege set in your role.

    Can you please double check if you have following set?

    Web App > Navigate to Settings > Administration > Security Roles > {double click on the role you have access to} > Click on Business Management tab > Verify that you have Go Mobile Privilege enabled.

    Also, please verify that you have access to those entities as well.

    Thanks – Manoj Kithany[MSFT]

  11. PxPx says:

    Your awesome the Go Mobile role was not set!

  12. jameel says:

    is there any simulator for testing crm mobile express

  13. Paul Saunders says:

    Can CRM Mobile Express run on non-Microsoft browsers… i.e. Safari?

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