Setting Up Your CRM Development Environment

Here is a great new addition to our set of technical articles on the Dynamics CRM Developer Center!

Read Setting Up Your Development Environment, which explores four common development environment approaches:

  • Using an isolated development environment

  • Sharing a common Microsoft Dynamics CRM organization

  • Using a hybrid environment

  • Using different organizations in a single Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment

This is an excerpt from chapter 2 of the book, Programming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 (ISBN 978-0735625945, copyright Microsoft Press 2008, all rights reserved)


Amy Langlois

Comments (3)

  1. Anne Stanton says:

    Amy any chance that anyone else has input on this subject? The chapter is awesome, but it would be great to get some of the ISV’s input on how they approached the same issue.

  2. lubergst says:

    MSDN Technet Article was created by Aaron Elder that might give some insight to setting up your CRM Development environment.



  3. Farzad says:

    How about a development environment using TFS. Does any one have any success story for setting up such environment with build machines for CRM using TFS?

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