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They’re live streaming WPC09 at  http://www.digitalwpc.com/. Be sure to watch Stephen Elop’s demo.

Highlights from WPC09 Vision Keynote

Corporate Vice President Allison Watson kicked off the WPC09 conference on Monday, July 13, by launching the new Microsoft Partner Network. Watson was joined by Stephen Elop, president of Microsoft Business Division and Bill Veghte, senior vice president, Microsoft Business Division, to outline a bold roadmap of products and services the company will deliver in the coming year to help partners distinguish themselves with customers and compete confidently in the new economy. Watson said, “With the Microsoft Partner Network we’re creating a community based on our continued commitment to serve the needs of our partners and help them reach their full potential. Working together, we continue to focus on creating innovative solutions that drive profitability and sustain competitive advantage.”

Bill Veghte challenged the audience of more than 9,000 to join Microsoft in writing the next chapter of Windows. He demonstrated many of the new features of Windows 7, and when asked, more than half the partners indicated that they are currently running it. Stephen Elop illustrated the power of Microsoft Office 2010, announcing its technical preview and showcasing new features which will enhance user experience and productivity. Elop also thanked the more than 5,000 partners who have embraced software-plus-services and provided customers with custom-built Microsoft Online Services Solutions. 

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Comments (2)

  1. It is true that what I have seen from the streamed video has had a lot of good stuff and it was nice to see that the Twitter accelerator for CRM was going to be released(soon I am sure)

    However, I have one major point to raise.

    It was my understanding from  the PDC videos and the interviews on Channel9 that the next release of MSCRM was linked to the next release of Office. Given that we have been seeing so much of the Office 2010 release on the public sites can you provide some detail of the CRM roadmap and time scales vis-a-vie the Office release schedule.

    This is not only critical to my customers and prospects but is also critical to the resource planning we have in house.

    Many Thanks

    Charlie Maitland

    Vodafone UK

  2. Chris Spears says:

    Any idea when we will see a MSCRM plugin for Office 2010?  Will they wait until after the technical preview to release something like that?

    Enjoying office 2010, hate not have my CRM access.



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