Making Your Existing Email Address Your Windows Live ID

Let’s say you want to invite your new users to CRM Online using their corporate email address, however you are not sure if their corporate email address is their Windows Live ID (WLID).  Why would I do this?  Well if you send the invite to a Windows Live account (like or the invitation will be delivered to that Hotmail account and they may not monitor it regularly, thus thinking they did not receive an invite or being unaware that they were invited.  The easiest way to ensure your users get their invite successfully is to instruct them to associate their corporate email address to WLID.  The following process illustrates exactly how to do this.

  1. Invite the user using their corporate email address.
  2. When the user receives the email address, click on the link to accept the invitation.
    User email invitation
  3. Click on Get a Windows Live ID
    WLID Sign In
  4. Enter your corporate email address and designate a password (this DOES NOT have to be your email providers password, rather you are setting a password for the new WLID), security question and enter the captcha phrase, click Continue
    WLID Sign Up

You now have associated your corporate email address to a WLID and will be able to successfully accept the CRM invitation by logging in with this newly created WLID email address and password.


Eric Boocock

Comments (1)

  1. Craig Humphrey says:

    What about users who already have a WLID, not using their Corporate email address?  Rather than setting up a second WLID, can they associate multiple email addresses with a single WLID?

    I’m asking because we’re looking at extending the authentication methods for our Extranet services and WLID and OpenID are potential options, if we can be sure right right people are coming in…  It’s just that there’s generally no validated association between a WLID (or OpenID) and a corporate email address (unless they happen to have registered their corporate email address with WLID already).



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