Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online: Enhanced Internet Lead Capture capabilities now available

For those currently using the Internet Lead Capture capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online you may have noticed that the functionality was enhanced recently. This post is not for users of the on premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Here are some highlights of what has improved:

- Canadian customers can now take advantage of Internet Lead Capture (AdCenter integration does not apply in Canada)

- There is support for vanity URLs which allows you to leverage your unique CRM Online org name for a specific landing page URL if you decide to have Microsoft host your internet lead capture page

- You have the ability to add any lead field (including custom lead fields) to the Internet Lead Capture web form

- There is an improved Lead Capture Home Page with embedded charts to show lead capture effectiveness

If you aren’t using this functionality today, you can easily activate it by clicking on “Landing Pages” or “Internet Leads” from the Sales or Marketing Tab within the left navigation




Brian Galicia

Comments (6)

  1. Jean-Paul Geelhoed says:

    Great feature…

    Are there any plans for making the functionality available for the MS CRM onpremise version?


    Jean-Paul Geelhoed

  2. Gray McCord says:

    To follow up Jean-Paul, if this particular capability is not yet in the roadmap (although it should be, hint, hint) for on-premise, how would one go about implementing something similar?


  3. I completely agree with the above sentiments of the others.  If market share is the key factor in contributing to the adoption of Dynamics CRM 4.0, then wouldn’t it be in the best interest of Microsoft to strengthen their partners and onpremise users to compete with other CRM providers that include web capture accelerators as standard out of the box?  The limited exposure; as well as, high price/minimum user requirements of the Microsoft Online in comparison of what partners offer seems contrary to the excellent sales strategy that Microsoft has used in the past.

  4. ibiz says:


    I will probably get flamed for this posting but to answer your question, our company has a commercial solution that works for on premise, partner hosted, and online.


  5. Michael says:

    I completely agree with the posts above and can’t wait for a similar functionality for onpremise CRM 4. Or may be an accelerator… Please do something!

    May be the Portal Integration Accelerator, which should be available on Sep 30, 2009 will have similar features?

  6. NetDr says:

    Any update on that?

    We need to create a web capture form on a client site…

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