CRM Online: ‘Contact Us’ Web Form Made Easy

Today’s guest blogger, CRM MVP Frank Lee,  highlights a feature that he found to be very useful.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online March 2009 Service Update introduced a very nice feature called "Internet lead capture" that is very useful for most small medium businesses (SMB).  It can save a lot of time by automatically capturing ANY web form entries and loading them into Microsoft CRM Online.


Here is a video about it in more details:

We had updated our Workopia website's Contact Us web form to utilize this new Microsoft CRM Online Internet lead capture feature.  It was really easy to setup and works the very first time.  It took only about 30 minutes from start to completion and now anyone that submits our Contact Us web form, the data will go directly in to our Microsoft CRM Online system.  Very cool.

Some notes about setting up:

1. The Landing Pages setup wizard is very user friendly, since this is an initial release, the choices are pretty basic but should be enough to get the job done

2. There are only 32 CRM Lead fields (last name, first name, company, title, email, business phone, address, etc.) that are available for use on a landing page.  Currently, it doesn't support adding other CRM Lead fields to this list.  Again this works for most landing pages

3. In case you do need to capture data that is not a direct map to any of the 32 CRM Lead fields - I would suggest picking one of the un-used 32 CRM Lead fields to capture the data and then use a CRM Workflow rule to move this field's data to the proper CRM Lead field after it is in CRM Online

4. I would prefer the "Use your own site" option for most cases.  This allows for total control of our Contact Me Request web form looks and feel.  However, for a quick and simple web form to capture data, I'd suggest trying out the "Lead capture pages" option.  Using this option, the web form is automatically generated and hosted by Microsoft CRM Online.  Here is an example of our CRM Online Statistic FREE Download Registration web form using this option

5. I want to be email alerted whenever someone submitted our Contact Us web form, however this option is not built-in.  Instead here is a good "keep it simple" work-around: we had our web site developer customized the Landing Page's Submit button URL page with the functionality to send an email alert.  Any good web administrator or programmer should know how to perform this work-around.


CRM MVP Frank Lee

Comments (7)

  1. jameel says:

    its oke

    but let me clear one thing that is when i select

    discription feild…. so landing page with discription feild is available but when i enter text in discription feild (ntext) it give me error maximum charatere limit is 256. but under lead in crm charater limit set to 2000 and it works when we mannualy create lead in crm

    Please reply

    or email

  2. But can that web form be tied to any immediate follow up, like an Autoresponder email?

  3. John Hamlin says:

    Hello I have been using the web lead form in my 'own web site'  We have created a new web site and wanted to use a fresh form.  I create the form in CRM online, and attempted to install it on the web site.  Our sites run ASP.NET 4.0 code.  Something is stopping these froms from working in the new site.

    Can you advise on how to register the 'form' to run in an ASP.NET 4.0 web site?

    Thank you,


  4. Jim Glass Jr says:

    Hi John, please visit the Microsoft Dynamics CRM forum and search for answers to any questions you have or ask a new question. We have a lot people invested in providing answers there.  :O)…/dynamics

  5. mrdenny says:

    Is there an updated version of how to do this? I can't find any way to make this happen in the current Dynamics CRM Online and most of the links in this article don't work anymore.

  6. 365blog says:

    @mrdenny – this feature has been deprecated.  We provide this capability through Microsoft Dynamics Marketing as an add-on, and also through partner solutions.…/crm-marketing.aspx and…/search

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