Three reasons why any Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 user should love IE 8

Today’s guest blogger is CRM MVP Joel Lindstrom and is taken from his CustomerEffective blog post. Thanks for your insights Joel.


Today, Microsoft officially released Internet Explorer 8.  There are many reasons to like IE8, including improved standards compliance, better performance, accelerators, and improved security; however, there are three things that CRM users should especially like about IE 8.

1.  It is fully tested and supported.  IE8 has undergone a rigorous 12 month beta, and Dynamics CRM was one of the key "test products" for the IE team when working through their validation and tests. The IE team and CRM team worked closely together to insure that Dynamics CRM worked with IE8, and IE 8 is now an officially supported browser for Dynamics CRM 4.0.

2.  Built in development tools.  If you are the developer type, you probably used tools like DOMspy or the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar to identify CRM page elements, like Nav Bar links, to use in creating javascript.  With IE 8, there is no more need for these tools, as the developer tools are built into the browser (under Tools menu-->Developer Tools)

3.  Color coded tabs.  This is a major usability enhancement for Dynamics CRM.  As any user of Dynamics CRM can attest, CRM can open many IE windows.  For example, when you open up an Account, a new window is launched, then if you open an activity associated with the account, another window opens.  Tabbed browsing in IE 7 helped get control of these windows by allowing users to have one IE window open with multiple tabs.  However, one potential problem is that if you also have some other sites open, perhaps researching a potential customer on MSN Money, the CRM windows can get lost among all of your other sites.

Another issue arises if you work with multiple CRM environments.  If you are a CRM configurator, it is not uncommon to be working in both a dev and prod environment.  This was very difficult since if records from multiple environments were open, it was nearly impossible to identify which environments those records belonged to, without checking the URL of the window.

IE 8 solves these problems by grouping tabs from related sites together, and color coding them, so you will never mix up your CRM tabs with your Twitter tabs.

Here is a pretty extreme example of three CRM environments open in one IE 8 window:


Quote from Microsoft:

We’re thrilled to have IE8 in market and released. During the past 12 months we have worked closely with the IE team and Dynamics CRM has been one of the key “test products” for the IE team when working through their validation and tests. During the process we naturally identified issues and resolution to those were vigorously pursued and implemented. At this point we only have 1 known issue and we’re happy to be able to state that IE8 is an officially supporter browser for Dynamics CRM 4.0. We expect the Implementation Guide to be updated in April 2009 to reflect this supported status for IE8.”


Joel Lindstrom

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  1. Jack07 says:

    Is there any information, if the speed of JavaScript has been improved?

    Any sources of info?

    What is the speed improvemenet for customers using IE7 with CRM and who should switch to IE8?

  2. Joel Lindstrom says:


    Here’s a very detailed post from Christian the IE8 pm that should answer your questions

  3. Jak możecie przeczytać na tym wpisie Dynamics CRM 4.0 jest wspierany na Internet Explorer 8. Podczas

  4. Lee Meyrick says:

    Has MS Dynamics CRM 3.0 been validated with IE8?

  5. Bryan Cooke says:

    Lee, while a majority of our IE8 appcompat testing was done with CRM v4, we did do some testing with v3. I just checked our database and we have no open issues with v3 & IE8. If you happen to come across an issue, please contact Support and we’ll investigate.

    It is worth mentioning that the IE8 team did a great job of fixing CRM issues on their end as we went through the beta testing.  We had to make very few changes in CRM.

  6. Claudia says:

    Looking for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Developer – full time position in San Diego – anyone out there?

  7. joop stringer says:

    The only flaw in IE8-CRM4 is the dynamic values in workflows are not working if you create them with IE8. It removes formatting from the “yellow” blocks. So the don’t work anymore.

    See also this thread :

  8. Adrian VanderLaan says:

    Ever since upgrading to IE8, I’ve noticed that if I click on the "Actions" menu, then click "Add activity", the sub-menu appears behind the "Actions" menu and therefore you can’t read the menu items.  Anyone else seen this?

  9. zane adams says:

    if you don’t run in tabs(the way it works be default) new windows pop-up with a window title that is in the form:

    FULL URL – Window Title

    when they used to display just the window title.

    this makes it nearly impossible to differentiate which window you are looking at in the taskbar.  which I’m getting complaints about.

    is there any way to make it display the window title like it used to do?

  10. Mike Johnson says:

    Three of my users have installed IE8 and they have had to uninstall due to issues with CRM 4. While the product works fine by itself we use iframes in our contacts that get information from our reporting server- and now these three users are getting prompted continuously to login. I’ve been through quite a few of the security settings and they look right. The only way I have been able to fix this is to have them uninstall IE8. I’ll probably figure out what the problem is- but I thought others should know there could be issues.

  11. dilksknopik says:

    IE8 is not compatible with 4.0. After upgrading I am unable to do mail merges from the Application made. I get this error "An error has occurred in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Mail Merge" The only thing that has changed is IE*. When I unistall IE8 it works again.

    If I do the merge through outlook it works fine.

    I can not find a solution to this anyhere. So far it happens to 8 out of the 10 workstation I have tried it on. All running Windows Vista Business and Office 2007.

    Anyone have a clue to what is wrong?

  12. Kirk says:

    Whilst I’d agree that IE8 offers a number of improvements, alas I haven’t found that CRM 4.0 interaction is one of them. Installing IE8 has prevented my ability to use the "View Regarding" function in the CRM Outlook client except if Protected mode is switched OFF for the INTERNET zone, regardless of the fact that CRM is listed as a trusted site. I’ve encountered a number of people experiencing this problem but yet to find a solution.


  13. Joel Lindstrom says:


    Re your question about the menus appearing behind the other menu–I think this may be a font size issue.  If you have a scroll wheel mouse and click and scroll, it can make the font size bigger, and this makes menus look weird.

  14. Joel Lindstrom says:

    Re your questions about popup errors–see this post from MVP Julie Yack

    There appears to be an issue w/ IE8 and SP2 that can cause this to pop up.  Following her suggestions re: protected mode can fix these issues.

    I have also found that running toolbars, like windows live/bing/yahoo/Gooogle can interfere with CRM.  I recommend running IE (ANY version) with as few plugins as possible.

  15. Mark Johnson says:

    I also note sub-menus for Activities rendering behind the main menu. (in IE8)

  16. Dana Berry says:

    Joel, I am having the same issue as Mike Johnson. I followed Julie Yack’s suggestions already and it does not work. Running Vista, UR5, with protected modes enabled continuously get prompts for credentials. If I take off protected mode, it will give me pop-up errors. I reset IE and disabled any third part browser add-ons. Completely turned off pop-up blocker and still have the issue. I also followed the suggestion on another thread to disable UAC which didn’t help either. Can we get some help from support. I hate to waste a ticket on a known issue.

  17. Mark Johnson says:


    Since my post on July 31st 12:45 AM I aslo called Microsoft general support and they came back with the ‘helpful’ fix of rolling back the IE8 installation to IE7.

    The support tech then forwarded an feedback questionaire asking me to rate the usefulness of the service. What the??

    ihad no alternative bu to accept the advice and funtionality was restored.

    On such a stand out item, I am surpirsed that there has not been a formal response to this issue, nor a fix.

  18. Hello,

    I had the same issue as Mike Johnson (prompted continuously to login under IE8) and I solved it.

    There is no need to uninstall IE8 just use this settings:

    – store password to your CRM under Control Panel->User->Manage your network passwords

    Under IE 8:

    – Security->Reset all zones to default level

    – Security->Trusted sites->add your crm url

    – Security->User authentication->Logon->Automatic logon with current user and password

    And MOST IMPORTANT: UNCHECK ‘enable integrated windows authentication’ option on ‘Advanced’ tab.

    Now it have to work. Enjoy!

  19. Phil Adams says:

    For those that are having the issue with CRM and it Overlaying the Menus, Please See My Blog Here:


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