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This year’s hot topic at Convergence now has its own virtual user group.  XRM Virtual User Group is now accepting members on our website .  We are a group of over 100 XRM developers helping to build our community of professionals.  Come join us to build your XRM skills, to learn what exactly is XRM and to teach others your tips and tricks.  With the backing of INETA, the XRM Virtual User Group is truly a global community.  Join us now!

Following in the footsteps of successful traditional user groups, membership is free and open to all. Members will attend virtual meetings via Microsoft Live Meeting to learn from the XRM pros worldwide. Speakers already lined up include XRM industry experts Shan McArthur, Ben Riga, David Yack and Guy Riddle. The XRM Virtual User Group is being spearheaded by Julie Yack, a user group leader and mentor with a proven track record of building and leading user groups to grow their community reach, both on the ground and virtually.

“Well designed and well managed communities have proved themselves time and time again to be valuable networks for finding solutions.” Jim Glass, CRM Community Guru, Microsoft

In addition to regularly scheduled group meetings, members will have access to online forums. These forums are for the members, by the members. Topics such as XRM development and CRM customizations are available as well as feedback for the running and organization of the group. As a free community effort, the group relies on its sponsors. Current group sponsors include ADXSTUDIO, Colorado Technology Consultants, and Microsoft.

The website for the user group is using XRM principals and is tightly integrated into Microsoft CRM Online using ADXSTUDIO XRM Business extensions. Virtually every aspect of the website is integrated with CRM, including web content, memberships, events, profiles, job postings, and discussion forums. The website is hosted on Windows Azure and uses Live ID for user authentication. If you are interested in learning more about XRM or want to learn how to build customer facing portals on CRM, join the user group and participate in the events that will cover these topics.


Julie Yack

Comments (3)

  1. treddym says:

    Looks like the profile submit page has a issue.

    [NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.]

      UserGroupSite.ProfilePage.SubmitButton_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) in Profile.aspx.cs:161

  2. Ryan says:

    Pretty Cool for utilizing Microsoft CRM as a platform. It is good to see the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM being recognized and utilized. There are so many ways to leverage the technology, the interoperability of the Dynamics Product Suite, and the usability and integration with MS Office.

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