Update Rollup 3 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sustained Engineering team released Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup 3 on Thursday, March 12, 2009.

Below are the links to the release and related information about the Rollup. Please see the Knowledge Base (KB) article for more details about the Update Rollup 3 content and instructions.

Install Details about Update Rollup 3

  • Update Rollup 1 and Update Rollup 2 are not prerequisites for installing Update Rollup 3

  • The Update Rollup 3 client can be deployed before the server is upgraded to Update Rollup 3

  • Update Rollup 3 can be uninstalled

  • Incorporated installer feedback on Update Rollup 2, so now we don’t over write your modified web.config file. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/968793 for details.

How to avoid a required reboot when installing a patch for the CRM Outlook Client

  • Before starting the update process, go to Options from the CRM menu. On the “General” tab, uncheck the bottom checkbox that says “Always run the…Host process” and then click “Ok” button.

  • When manually checking for updates, go ahead and close Outlook by choosing Exit from Outlook’s File menu. This will close Outlook along with the CRM add-in and the Hoster process.

  • Now check for updates by selecting All Programs from the Start menu. Then select Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 and choose Update.

  • Restart Outlook after the patch is installed.

Note: If the user doesn’t want to make the permanent change of always having the Hoster process exit when Outlook exits, they can close the Hoster process manually after Outlook has been closed by right clicking on the Dynamics icon in the Notification Area of the Task Bar.

Making Update Rollup 3 available to your clients via AutoUpdate

You can find more information about AutoUpdate in Eric Newell’s blog entry at http://blogs.msdn.com/crm/archive/2008/05/08/crm-client-autoupdate.aspx and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Operating and Maintaining Guide, part of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Implementation Guide.

If you have a direct internet connection from your client machines, you can avoid some of the configuration steps and use the LinkId directly. Below are the necessary steps to configure the AutoUpdate for Update Rollup 3.

Note: These are steps 5, 6 and 7 of Eric’s blog.

The steps below are for the English version of the product. The PatchId and LinkId values will be different for every localized version of CRM 4.0. There is a table at the bottom of this post that lists the correct PatchId and LinkId for each language.

1. Create the configuration XML file and save it.



      <!--- *** UR3 PATCH -->


<!--- *** The PatchId is different for every Language. Please see the table at the end for correct Link ID to use -->


          <Title>Update Rollup 3 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 (KB 961768)</Title>

          <Description>Update Rollup 3 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 (KB 961768)</Description>

          <!--- *** This will make it Mandatory -->



          <ClientType>OutlookLaptop, OutlookDesktop</ClientType>

<!--- *** The LinkId is different for every Language. Please see the table at the end for correct Link ID to use -->

<!-- & in xml documents must be escaped using &amp; -->





2. From the command prompt, go to the directory where the ClientPatchConfigurator.exe is located ([ServerInstallDir]\Tools and type microsoft.crm.tools.clientpatchconfigurator.exe [configfile].xml

3. Once the patch has been uploaded, launch the Outlook client

The dialog should now appear saying that “Update Rollup 3 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 (KB 961768)” is available. If the <IsMandatory> is set to false, the client will only see the update if the user selects “Check for Updates” via the CRM Menu in the Outlook client.

Link and Patch IDs for Update Rollup 3:


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x401

PatchID: {E7CEBD6B-0E64-4130-B85D-F3A6E140B70B}

Chinese (Simplified)

LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x804

PatchID: {F60413F2-ECE0-4CD0-8925-09FC20623FFD}

Chinese (Hong Kong)

LinkID: 145425&clcid=0xc04

PatchID: {DC9B0ECB-CEF9-48E4-846E-384BFB993166}

Chinese (Traditional)

LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x404

PatchID: {E80BD416-07D3-4EDD-B81B-63C5C82B5671}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x405

PatchID: {09F81FB4-4369-41E9-B62F-08A1D7A2A40D}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x406

PatchID: {EA701D64-67B6-4E81-943E-AA1B803FB961}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x413

PatchID: {B60D0F28-6B7E-4B79-AF12-DAD12F5820AD}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x409

PatchID: {8B092580-482E-4EE3-98B1-28FB589B3012}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x40b

PatchID: {A4C13D7F-75F1-42CC-BA98-CD42A135554F}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x40c

PatchID: {ACDAF77D-0D53-4390-A547-174B66FC51EA}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x407

PatchID: {0A59EBEC-0870-409A-B751-713CEDF9B59F}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x408

PatchID: {70BD553C-0AC9-40F7-A72F-6EC96D95DD86}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x40d

PatchID: {05F2A180-E338-4FB3-B48A-4C06737E5365}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x40e

PatchID: {19CA36A3-3A60-484F-AFF1-3C56347A07A7}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x410

PatchID: {7C2556F1-285C-4470-A473-3C6334F36C5A}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x411

PatchID: {633DE31B-158A-4923-8B27-B3825626E567}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x412

PatchID: {8A3A317B-0780-44AC-8023-37BCFDF3FDF2}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x414

PatchID: {824DC47E-7BF1-48BF-A29C-160702D5D02F}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x415

PatchID: {A6012D95-B878-41F3-A27E-40F753CCC0B9}

Portuguese (Brazil)

LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x416

PatchID: {6E78D992-34E4-4B97-94AF-FE60C923EB00}

Portuguese (Portugal)

LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x816

PatchID: {C0956419-3589-4E4C-BE3B-089E63CDD213}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x419

PatchID: {2AC4EAC6-B1E0-453B-A038-F01FBCCEB74E}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0xc0a

PatchID: {57C540B7-1D7C-4B7D-BB93-36F1991483B2}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x41d

PatchID: {27563C10-CE6C-4028-B44E-9A5003BD95E2}


LinkID: 145425&clcid=0x41f

PatchID: {755633BF-DE12-47A5-AD87-9265C6CA317F}




Matt Brown

Comments (38)

  1. Gayan Perera says:

    We tried applying CRMv4.0-KB952858-i386-Server-INTL (assuming its the server update), but it says "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 for Microsoft Office Outlook was not found on the system."

  2. 365blog says:

    Gayan, I’m afraid I don’t understand. The patch you are installing CRMv4.0-KB952858-i386-Server-INTL is Update Rollup 1.  Why are you commenting on this for UR3? If you are having issues with UR1, you should be talking to support.

  3. Gayan Perera says:

    Hmm ok, well I went to the rollup 3 page and downloaded all updates, all updates start with KB961* except the server one.

    I went to the page again and downloaded the server patch, this time it gave KB961*

    it installed fine this time


  4. As promised, Microsoft&#39;s Sustained Engineering team has stuck to a more rigorous schedule of releasing

  5. Phil Edry says:

    You are missing a "/" in "</PatchId>" in your XML.

    Following your instructions, you will get "The ‘PatchId’ start tag on line 13 does not match the end tag of ‘ClientPatchInfo’. Line 33, position 13."



  6. Phil Edry says:

    One more comment:

    For the outlook client rollups, I’ve been deploying them with "Mandatory" set to false. For rollups 1 and 2, I would get a files in use error during installation, but once I exited Outlook and the CRM notification area icon, I could click retry and the update would proceed correctly.

    With rollup 3, this does not work (I checked to make sure Outlook fully exited). You can keep clicking retry, but it does not continue the installation, presumably because the files remain in use. If you click ignore, the installation continues. Does the installer handle the locked files on restart in this scenario?

    I am using Vista and Outlook 2007 with the latest updates and SP’s.



  7. Jim Stumbo says:

    The KB article that lists the fixes in the update has a section that talks about manual steps that are needed to enable some of the updates.  It has one that has a broken link.  Figures it would be the one I am most interested in.  What is the correct KB article for the following?

    955138  (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/955138/ ) You experience slow performance or timeouts when you try to access some views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

  8. Mark Allen says:

    Hi….I have not installed Update Rollup 1 or 2 since we have only had CRM about 3 months.  

    I’m a little nervous about installing Update 3, has anyone had any problems with it?  Or should I just go with Update 2 for now?

    Also, on the files, there are 7 total.  But i’m not sure which ones are installed at the workstation (in addition to the client).

    We have a 64 bit server and XP workstations.  So do all 3 64 bit files get installed at the server?  and 3 at the workstation?  the instructions are not very clear.



    32-bit versions of the update rollup packages are as follows:





    64-bit versions of the update rollup packages for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 server and for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 E-mail Router are as follows:




  9. &lt;p&gt;Microsoft has released update rollup 3 for CRM 4.0.&lt;/p&gt; …

  10. Mark Allen says:

    Microsoft informed me that the server files – if you only have one server – all get installed at the same place.  Only the clients get this file


  11. Tony says:


    For client installation, be careful not to install update to rollup 3 if you haveonline installation of CRM. I’ve got the CRM addin crashing after updating from Rollup 2. Tried reinstalling fresh from Rollup 0 to Rollup 3 and gives the same issue. Under event log, MSCRMAddressBook Event 16931,

    A problem occurred initializing Microsoft CRM COM interop. Restart Microsoft CRM and try again. HR=0x80131522. Context=. Function=CObjectContainer::QueryPlatformDataInternal. Line=881.

    A problem occurred initializing Microsoft CRM COM interop.  Restart Microsoft CRM and try again. HR=0x80131522. Context=. Function=CObjectContainer::QueryPlatformDataInternal. Line=1043.

    A problem occurred initializing Microsoft CRM COM interop.  Restart Microsoft CRM and try again. HR=0x80131522. Context=. Function=CAddin::HrActivateAddin. Line=305.

    A problem occurred initializing Microsoft CRM COM interop.  Restart Microsoft CRM and try again. HR=0x80131522. Context=. Function=CAddin::Quit. Line=1335.

    The Microsoft CRM Outlook add-in could not be initialized correctly.  Restart Microsoft Outlook and try again. HR=0x80070057. Context=. Function=CAddin::OnConnectionInternal. Line=217.

    … Don’t tell me I need to report another bug for CRM…

  12. Attila says:

    Does the "AutoUpdate" feature still require admin priviledges to install?  If so, then it’s not really an auto update…  We have users run as users not admins; isn’t that what everyone should be doing?

    When will this issue be resolved?  I’m sure this can be done, because there is a method install the CRM client using the Add Programs which installs CRM, SQL Express, and configurations for non admin users using AD deployments.

  13. Bryan Cooke says:

    I’m following up on some of the comments & questions that have beed posted.  I’ll refer to them by the author.

    Phil Edry – Thank you for pointing out that error.  Obviously we missed it in tech review.  I’ll ask our Blog owner to make the modification so that others don’t encounter this.

    Phile Edry – by choosing Ignore on the File in Use dialog, Windows Installer will defer updating those files till reboot.  Upon startup, it will copy the updated files from a tempfile and replace them before they get locked by Outlook starting up.  I wasn’t aware of the behavior change.  I’m going to report your findings to my team and have them investigated.  I’ll have this scenario added as a test case as well.

    Jim Stumbo – Thank you for reporting that you are unable to access KB:http://support.microsoft.com/kb/955138. I have escalated this issue to our KB content manager.  Anyone needing this information in the meantime, can contact support and ask for them to email you the KB article.

    Tony – Update Rollups are for On-premise customers only.  The client installer should be blocking the installation of the Update Rollup to a CRM Online client.  I’ll escalate the issue to my test team to investigate.  For CRM Online, we update the client through our Service Updates (latest being the March 2009 Service Update) and smaller monthly updates.  Our Online clients get their updates through the client’s "Check for Updates" feature.

    Attila – The "AutoUpdate" feature does still require admin privileges. The team is working towards addressing this issue in the fall. Expect more information to become available mid-year.


    Bryan Cooke

    CRM Sustained Engineering Group Manager

  14. Tony says:

    Update Rollup 3 have an issue with Outlook BCM 2007 when updated. Workaround solution is to go to Control Panel –> Mail –> Email Accounts under Address Book –> Delete the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Address Book. Outlook will not crash afterward.

    Otherwise, stick to Rollup 2 instead.

  15. Mike says:


    after installing Microsoft CRM Update Rollup 3 we have multiple line breaks in existing and new workflow email templates. (Workflow -> Send new email).

    The line breaks are not shown in the workflow email editor, but they are shown in the recipients email program and in CRM after sending the email.

    It seems that crm is inserting another <p>&nbsp;</p> – paragraph for each inserted paragraph. Does anybody have a similiar problem?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Mike

  16. Prabu says:

    After Installing Rollup 3 on CRM Server, we are unable to publish any built in or Custom Entities. Anyone facing the same problem ?



  17. Mark Alletn says:

    I’ve just installed update rollup 3 on the server and all workstations.

    I don’t have errors publishing entities after the update in response to Prabu’s comment.

    Monday, March 23, 2009 11:49 AM by Prabu

    I do however, had a problem with one machine, a vista machine, that receives the CRM error screen whey creating new activities in CRM, .eg., tasks, phone calls.

    not sure what this is yet but will investigate.



  18. Eric says:

    After installing rollup 3 on all servers, I am unable to publish workflows.

  19. Eric says:

    Solved my problem of not being able to publish workflow by manually editing the web.config file as outlined in Step 1 of this article:


  20. sjb500 says:


    We get the same issue as Mike found in an earlier post – namely double spacing on our published workflow email templates.

    Anyone found a fix for this? We’ve ended up reverting back to pre-rollup.

  21. Tony says:

    Hi Bryan,

    Yes, I understand that Update Rollups are for On-premise customers only. I’m using on-premise as well. Think you misunderstood my post. Online Client means that I did not install an offline database on my client laptop.

    Sorry that my post is unclear. But the problem with Outlook 2007 crashing, I’m still not very sure. Below is what I’ve found out:-

    Update Rollup 3 have an issue with Outlook BCM 2007 when updated. Workaround solution is to go to Control Panel –> Mail –> Email Accounts under Address Book –> Delete the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Address Book. Outlook will not crash afterward.

    Otherwise, stick to Rollup 2 instead. Do not upgrade to Rollup 3. Uninstalling Rollup 3 later will not solve the issue. You’ll have to install a fresh CRM client again.

    Note: I first posted this about the bugs in CRM about the Outlook 2007 crashing if other plug-ins are installed (e.g. BCM 2007). Rollout 2 fixes that. I’m happy with it. However, when I installed Rollout 3, It juz repeatedly restarts. Finally, I’ve found the problem to be the CRM address book.

  22. Bryan Cooke says:

    Tony, please send this issue to crmsepm@microsoft.com so that I can follow-up with you directly.  I want to get this resolved for you and don’t believe we are on track towards a solution at the moment.


    Bryan Cooke

  23. Bryan Cooke says:

    Phil – wanted to follow-up on the files in use dialog issue.  We have repro’d the problem and  the problem is caused by us having to update the AutoUpdate.exe file, which is of course open at the time.  I’m having the team make a change so that this doesn’t happen in UR4 if UR3 is already on the box.  I’ll also have Matt add a note to his UR4 blog to cover this scenario.  Thanks!

  24. Bryan Cooke says:


    Your issue was introduced in UR2 as we were fixing line breaks and ended up incorrectly changing the behavior of double & triple line breaks.  This will be fixed in UR4 (RTW on May 7th).

    My apologies for the inconvenience that this has caused.

  25. Chris says:

    We are looking to install update rollout 3 and I wanted to see if we should wait or not. I just wanted to get any general thoughts.  There are a few things that Rollout 3 will fix that we utilize but I don’t want it to cause any major issues.  Thank you.

  26. Pete Wiggins says:

    Hi, We would like to upgrade our CRM 4.0 to Rollup 3, but are mindful of the warning about losing customistions. Can anyone explain the issues her, why are customisations lost? Is there a work-round for this, or some technique to avoid the problem? Is it really a limited problem only affecting certain areas within CRM? I don’t believe that you can seriously ship a product upgrade that destroys the work done previously in customising the product ( one of its best selling points )


  27. ludi says:

    I’ve just installed update rollup 3 on the crm server(os is windows server 2008),however, after login, i cannt click anyplace and i get ‘error on page’ on the status bar, press refresh(F5) I get following message:

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Error Report Contents











     <Function>function anonymous&#40;&#41;&#10;&#123;&#10;OnActivityDateChange&#40;this&#41;&#59;&#10;&#125;</Function>




    <BrowserUserAgent>Mozilla&#47;4.0 &#40;compatible&#59; MSIE 7.0&#59; Windows NT 6.0&#59; SLCC1&#59; .NET CLR 2.0.50727&#59; .NET CLR 3.5.30729&#59; .NET CLR 3.0.30618&#59; InfoPath.2&#59; CIBA&#41;</BrowserUserAgent>

















  28. Josh Ashwood says:

    Is it possible to get AutoUpdate to successfully download updates from the Microsoft website to client machines if the client machine needs to use an authenticating proxy?

  29. Scott Hill says:

    Installed a new copy of CRM 4.0 using the updated installation files from the internet – it provides a build code of 4.0.7333.1261.

    We applied Update Rollup 3, however it did not change the build number nor was it listed in the Add/Remove Programs for uninstallation.

    Has anyone seen this behavior?

  30. Jyrki Heinonen says:

    I’m thinking of installing this update, but I cannot find the information anywhere, that do I need to install update for each installed language or only for the base installation language? We have installed 3 additional languages and the base installation is english.

  31. Doyle says:

    After Loading the rollup 3 – have security issues with expanding the subject when assign to a case

  32. Adrian VanderLaan says:

    I just installed update rollup 3 at our office and now (just like Mark) I’m getting errors when creating activities in CRM, either through the Outlook client or the web client.

    Anyone else experiencing this?  Any suggestions on how to resolve it?

  33. Glenn says:

    We also have a customer that is having the same issue as Mark and Adrian in getting errors when creating activities in CRM.  Prior to the update they had the issue just on creating appointments.  One of the hotfixes addressed that so now they can create appointments but no other activiites.  Nothing is recorded on the application event logs on the users computer or on the server.  DevErrors are turned on, but do not give a different error message.  It seems to only affect certain users although roles have not changed before or after the update.  We tried increasing the permissions on the role to full access, but the error persisted.


  34. Jack Casas says:

    We’ve found 2 issues after installing Rollup 3:

    1. When expanding the Subject tree, we get an error

    2. When trying to save and close an Activity, we get an error.

    This behaviour has been detected in some Vista Machines..

    We actually installed Rollup 3 to solve an issue with adding users from a trusted domain as reported in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/958791

    This error was fixed actually..

  35. Glenn says:

    We found that giving read access to the queue on the role seems to have taken away our error we were getting when creating activities.  It is an odd fix since we are not using queues for this customer, but it seems to have worked.

  36. Sabine says:


    I just installed update rollup 4. I am getting the same issue as Mark. Error on page for Phone Calls. Is there any fix for it?



  37. This post will cover some of the common issues seen in support and the common resolutions to those issues.

  38. Michael Jensen says:

    I have the same problem when trying to save and close an activity i get an error. We are using CRM 4.0 and we got Rollup 4 installed last night. Before this we didnt have this problem. Is tehre a fix for this??

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