Dynamics Forums updated to the MSDN Forums 3.x Platform


If you've visited the Dynamics Forums lately you will be familiar with this new look and URL. The three CRM Forums; CRM, CRM Deployment, and CRM Development are still the same in name but there is a lot of new functionality and the posts should show up much faster.


The top answerers are usually filled with our CRM MVPs on a rotating basis depending upon their availability that month. These are the folks who make the CRM Forums on MSDN the GOTO place for CRM questions and discussions.

The folks who answer questions are rated by the reading public and awarded points based on the number of questions they answer and the number of times their answer is selected as the correct or best answer. This becomes part of your profile.

You can customize your profile picture if you wish or just use a logo. You can also include a write up about yourself which helps grow the community. Many of the answerers include a link to their own or a favorite blog.

When you go to a folder such the one below, CRM Deployment, you can quickly see what questions have been answered and what questions could use your help to answer. And you can use search to find answers to your questions that may have already been asked. I've highlighted the Search Box in red.


Of course being specific in the words you use to find answers can help. For example, if you use the word 'workflow' you get 105 threads to search through. But if you use 'debug workflow' you get a manageable 10 threads to look at. Using Advanced Search you can search all of MSDN forums and Microsoft.com in one query.

So give the CRM Forums on MSDN a try. This is the forum I manage and one that I will be working in exclusively to get your questions answered. It is also the one that our Internationally renowned CRM MVPs work in too.



Comments (8)

  1. Simon says:

    Is it just me or does the Search functionality seem to be broken? It seems to search all forums instead of just the CRM forum. And it doesn’t seem to find things that are definately in the CRM forums.

  2. Rakesh Agarwal says:


    I was using my gmail account(in google groups) to post in the community.

    I will start using my live id as microsoft does not recognises contribution by other mail ids. So how can I attach my previous contribution to my  new mail id.

    Any help will be appriciated

    I had been top 10 poster in devlopment group. from last year.



  3. Donna Edwards says:

    I hope all is well with you.  The new forums are great, I really like the new functionality!

    Since the move, I am no longer receiving alerts although the Alert checkbox is marked and I am subscribed to MSDN alerts in my live profile.  I also have my alert settings to send alerts to my e-mail address edwardsdna@msn.com.

    I must be missing something in the settings or something is not linked correctly.  Any help you could provide is greatly appreciated.  For now I am spending a lot of time rechecking the posts to which I’ve responded to see if additional questions are logged that need attention.

    Thank you for your time, I appreciate it.


  4. Toni says:

    Can you do something with old newsgroups as well? http://www.microsoft.com/Businesssolutions/Community/Newsgroups/dgbrowser/en-us/default.mspx?dg=microsoft.public.crm&lang=en&cr=US

    I really does not make sense to have two different sites for discussions about CRM does it?

  5. 365blog says:

    Rakesh, I’ve forward this to our support to look into.

    Donna, another great question that I’ll foward to support.

  6. 365blog says:

    Sigh, the old newsgroups. I will continue to recommend we just close ours down. But not everyone likes that solution. So I’m working with the Forums dev team to get everything the MVPs liked about the newsgroups made available in the MSDN forums.

    Hang tough, these changes are a foot.  :o)

  7. Sohaib says:


    I create reports in DCRM using "Existing File" and "Link to web page" Report types, Programmatic.

    But still not able to make "Report Wizard" report type, report.


    I used this sample. But still not able to create report.

    Can you help me..

  8. Senthilkumar says:

    HI ALL,

    This is Senthil. I am working as a software Engg., in Aivea Software Pvt Ltd., In my company they r using MS CRM 3.0. We r planning to upgrade our MS CRM 3.0 to MS CRM 4.0. Can anyone let me know the steps to upgrade CRM 3.0 to CRM 4.o.

    Thank You.

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