Check Out Our New Articles and a New Feature: Add Community Content!

If you read Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 technical articles, especially our two new articles that cover plug-ins and how to generate entity diagrams, you may have noticed a new Community Content feature, shown here. With this feature, located at the end of each article, you can add and edit content notes to the articles. For example, you could contribute your favorite code sample, provide a useful tip, or add a helpful scenario. Just click the Add new content link, sign in with your Windows Live ID, follow the simple registration instructions and start contributing!


Now to tell you about those two new articles. Discover more about the wonderful world of plug-ins with the first in a five-part series: Plug-ins, Part 1: The Big Picture. This introduction covers what plug-ins are, what they can do, and when to use a plug-in or a workflow. Learn key concepts, for example, about how a Web service method call using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK can cause a plug-in to be invoked by the platform.

Our other article, Using Metadata for Generating Entity Diagrams in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0, has a long title, but that’s to do justice to all the great content within! This article shows you how to use the Metadata Diagram tool that can be downloaded with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Software Development Kit (SDK). This tool lets you easily generate Microsoft Office Visio diagrams that show the relationship between the entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can create a simple diagram that shows a relationship for just one entity, or a complex diagram that includes dozens of related entities. The diagrams can contain the relationship between custom and system entities.


Maureen Carmichael

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