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Eric Boocock 

I am a Sr. Technical Product Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM I develop compelling, differentiating content and demonstrations for Technical Decision Makers and Developers from prospects, partners and customers. The purpose of this content is to demonstrate our vision, leading technology framework and compelling customer value. 

Prior to this role, I spent two years as a CRM Online Technology Specialist (TS) launching the CRM Online business.  As a TS I provided technical guidance to our customers and prospects and presented product functionality demos.  In addition to supporting the CRM Online sales cycle I contributed to CRM Online Team Blog and Video Demonstration repository. 

Before joining Microsoft in October 2007, I worked in the CRM partner channel for Statera and ePartners.  As the Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) Practice Director/Manager for Statera and ePartners, I was responsible for growing the CRM practice, creating sales collateral, evangelizing the product through speaking engagements and product demonstrations, developing and positioning strategic go-to-market industry solutions, and overseeing the delivery of all CRM projects.  Previous to this experience I worked for Deloitte & Touche for 5 years and held various consulting roles.  While at Deloitte & Touche we started a Mid-Market CRM practice based around the SalesLogix CRM application, now owned by Sage Software. 

I have served as a member of the Microsoft CRM 3.0 & 4.0 alpha/beta testing team, CRM Mobility (1.2 & 3.0) beta testing team and participated in the Microsoft Office 14 Developers Advisory Council.  I co-authored online training content for Microsoft entitled “Selling Microsoft CRM” to enable Microsoft’s small business partners with the necessary skills to position and sell Microsoft CRM. 

I have presented various Microsoft CRM related topics at events such as The Microsoft CIO Summit, Convergence, Worldwide Partners Conference, TechReady, CRM
launch events and via online webinars.

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  1. Not so long ago I had the UNIQUE opportunity of presenting Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to a large audience

  2. Not so long ago I had the UNIQUE opportunity of presenting Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to a large audience

  3. The Microsoft CRM workflow functionality provides very flexible tools to model automated process. A prime

  4. I regularly get requests for assistance with data migration challenges.  Data migrations are never

  5. We have a lot of CRM screen casts posted at . Some samples include: Video: General

  6. Whit McIsaac says:

    Eric, have you and/or any of your team worked with an end-user to integrated Capital IQ (CAPIQ) to MS CRM? We have a client that would like to download basic corporate information from thier CapIQ subscription database to populate key fields in the MS CRM database.  I look forward to your feedback. Whit

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