Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup Schedule


The Microsoft CRM Sustained Engineering (SE) team has now completed the transition to a frequent Update Rollup servicing model for Microsoft CRM 4.0. Starting with the release of Update Rollup 2 on January 15th, the CRM SE team will release most of its updates only in Update Rollups.

The CRM SE team is planning to release Update Rollups on 8-week cycles; therefore, Update Rollup 3 is scheduled for mid-March. While quality is the focus of every release, we are also trying to be predictable in our release schedule so that our customers can schedule deployments of our Update Rollups with confidence. In November, when we released Update Rollup 1, we set the date of Update Rollup 2 to January 15th and we met this timeframe. We will do our best to establish a release rhythm that our customers can come to depend on.

The CRM SE team realizes that some issues will need to be released quicker than an 8-week schedule. For these cases, the CRM SE team will release Critical on Demand fixes. The Critical on Demand process will follow the previous hotfix process and an individual hotfix will be available from Microsoft Customer Service and Support. The Microsoft Customer Service and Support teams will work with the CRM SE team to determine issues that need to be released as Critical on Demand updates.

This change does not affect servicing for the Microsoft CRM 3.0 family of products.

How customers report issues to Microsoft will not change. Customers should continue to contact Customer Service and Support for any issues.

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Matt Brown

Comments (10)

  1. CS says:

    That seems to be a nonsense, in term of support effort for customers, this is not a window box and in case of failure all internal process will be stopped.

    I strongly think thispolicy is dangerous.

    As far as I can see on some customers, Rollup 2 generates a lot of problems and seems to have not been as tested as previously.

    We will all have to test rollup before applying, this is time and money spent in a place where Dynamics should do the job: rollups are for bugs and should be ‘bug free’…

  2. Alex says:

    Does the Rollup 2, also applies to the Service Provider Edition Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4?

  3. Bryan Cooke says:

    CRM 4 Update Rollups can be installed on the Service Provider Edition.

  4. David Gitlin says:

    We are an ISV that makes an Outlook addin.  We recently discovered a conflict with the Dynamics addin in Outlook.  The problem was caused by the MS addin.  MS has fixed the problem and issued a hot fix.  

    This is the hotfix file name & URL:


    I have several questions.

    1. When do hot fixes get included in the rollup?

    2. Do you know when our hotfix will be included in a rollup or new release?

    3. Do the rollups also include changes to the Outlook add in for Dynamics?

    Thanks for the input.

  5. Bryan Cooke says:

    David Gitlin, the fix you are referring to was included in Update Rollup 1 and because our rollups are accumulative, it’s in UR2 & UR3 and all future rollups as well. When we release an Update Rollup, we provide updates for the server, client, email router, etc.  

    Hope this helps.

    Bryan Cooke

    CRM Sustained Engineering Group Manager

  6. Andi Wagner says:

    Hi there,

    is there a plan for Update rollup 4 for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4? if the 8 weeks-cycle rule is planned for this rollup it would be mid may?!

    Is that right? could you say anything about the included hotfixes or where I can found any information according to the hotfixes?



  7. The Glass Prison… I just did a quick scan of the latest downloads from

  8. Parece que ya se está convirtiendo en una costumbre el que cada pocas semanas anunciemos una nueva actualización

  9. Dave Worrall says:

    Hi can you confirmn the rollup 4 can be applied to the service provider hosted edition please

  10. david says:

    When do we expect rollup 14 to be releaed?

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