CRM Accelerators – Part VIII – Business Productivity Accelerator

Last week we introduced the CRM Notifications Accelerator which is part of the CRM Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers and partners to be released soon. In this final preview article we feature the Business Productivity Accelerator.
Business Productivity Accelerator

The business productivity accelerator is a toolkit of timesaving customizations and workflows for Dynamics CRM 4.0. Here is a subset of the components to be delivered:

  • Business data auditing workflows
  • Customizations to manage a customer reference program with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
  • Generic service process workflows for complaints management
  • Simple integration with web software services such as stock prices, mapping and web search
  • Birthday/Anniversary auto-email workflows

There are many other ideas under development for this accelerator and the final list will be communicated at release.

Kind regards,

Reuben Krippner

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  1. George Franklin says:

    I’ve noticed that the language for these Accelerators has evolved. In the first several, they were all listed as ‘to be released in Q3 2008’. Then the language changed to ‘in the next few months’. This one is simply ‘to be released soon’. For those of use eagerly awaiting these, It would be great to have something a bit more concrete, particularly since Q3 is now past. For me, just having some more details on the Accelerators (design docs, etc) would be sufficient for planning, even if the release dates are soft. Can anyone help?

  2. Mer information kring två nya Acceleratorer har släppts av Dynamics teamet i Redmond: Notifications

  3. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of eight no-cost add-on

  4. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team is pleased to announce the upcoming availability of eight no-cost add-on

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  6. Arnold says:


    Forgive my perhaps quite ignorant question but, When (date/time) exactly and where (URL)can my Dynamics CRM-Partners download these Accelerators?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. Alejandro says:

    Is Q3 2008 Calendar period or FY period? Please clarify in terms on in which month and year this software will be available

    Thanks in advance for the reply



  8. Scott Sandberg says:

    Are the recordings of the Live Meetings for "Accelerators for Microsoft Dynamics CRM" available yet?  If so, where could I find these?

    Thanks SO MUCH,


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