Professional Developers Conference 2008


PDC2008bIs it too early to start talking about what is looking to be a really good PDC? The keynotes and events scheduled will be very interesting and venue compelling. Here's some cherry-picking from my viewpoint.

Chris Anderson and Don Box will be delivering one of the keynotes at this year’s PDC. For the third consecutive PDC, Chris and Don will defy the odds and perform feats of live coding against “fresh” platform technology in front of thousands of attendees. This year Don and Chris are taking an entire keynote to view a pantheon of new technologies through the lens of a text editor. [more...]

Countdown to PDC2008: In this week’s edition of the PDC Countdown (only 65 days to go), Mike and Jennifer host the event marketing manager of the conference who talks about all of the great opportunities to win, win, win! Trips to LA, tickets to the Dodgers or Lakers, a movie premiere, or a trip down the red carpet at the Emmy’s could be yours. [more...]

The CRM booth will be in the Pavilion this year. Come meet some of our developers and PMs. Do you have your tickets yet?



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  1. Yep, I have my ticket. I’m so looking forward to this!

  2. PDC2008 says:

    Yes. The Engineering Windows 7 blog is getting a lot of attention. Robert Scoble blogged about some organizational

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