CRM4 Outlook Client – Issues and Fixes


The picture above is the first “computer bug” found in 1945. As a piece of techno-folklore, this was a literal bug!

In the past several months since the release of the CRM 4.0, we’ve had the usual stream of customer issues come in through our support channel. No software is bug free and even with all the rigorous testing that we do, there are things that get overlooked.

CRM for Outlook is a product surface that gets a lot of end-user exposure and we hear loud and clear when our customers are hitting issues. Our support and engineering teams regularly work together to address these post-ship bugs and release hotfixes which focus on customer satisfaction with maximum impact. Though we have more fixes in the pipeline, I wanted to take a few minutes and acknowledge that we hear your pain and pass on info for fixes to common problems that exist today.

Note: The hotfix package for KB950088 is a cumulative hotfix which resolve all the issues below.

1. Outlook hangs during initialization (progress toolbar displays “Loading…” and never finishes)

This must-have fix is likely the most common perf/stability issue out there, especially on Outlook 2007. This fix resolves the issue. A current workaround exists by turning off the To Do bar.

2. With E-mail Auto Promotion Enabled, Outlook may not close cleanly/properly.

This fix addresses a memory allocation issue that can occur somewhat unpredictably. If your users are using e-mail auto promotion, I encourage you to deploy this hotfix.

3. Contacts with birthdays earlier than 1/1/1970 causes Outlook to crash

This was caused by an API change by one of our dependencies.

4. Items in Shared Calendars will report Sync Issues

We do not support Shared Calendars in CRM 4.0, we encountered a couple of cases where some code was getting executed against a shared calendar and causing problems.

5. Cannot Promote an E-mail where the name of the attached file contains a ‘&’ symbol.

If the attachment to an e-mail contains the ‘&’ symbol, it will fail to track in CRM.

6. Selecting Dismiss on Outlook Calendar reminder for Service Activity causes record to change Status Reason back to default value for that record.

Selecting Dismiss on Outlook Calendar reminder for Service Activity causes record to change Status Reason back to default value for that record  (not yet published)

7. OWA Sent Emails Get Stuck in Outlook Draft Folder When Outlook Is Open And CRMADDIN is Enabled

When you have both Outlook and OWA open, and you have the Microsoft Dynamics CRM client for Microsoft Office Outlook installed, and you send an email form OWA, the email will be stopped in the Draft folder instead of being sent.

8. Microsoft Outlook stops responding when you open, close, reply to, or forward e-mail messages in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 client for Outlook

When you normally use Outlook client in Microsoft CRM 4,0 to answer and replying to email, it happens from time to time that the OUTLOOK process crashes, outlook is restarting.

9. CRM Outlook client and/or Desktop Client hangs in presence of other Outlook add-ins

Outlook hangs and doesn't allow any interaction when BCM or other Addins are present  (Not yet Published)

10. Phone call activity due time is changed after the activity is snoozed or dismissed.

The scheduled due time of an activity is unexpectedly changed to "12:00 AM" after you specify a snooze time or you dismiss the activity in a reminder in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 client for Outlook - 

Smiti Shah

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  1. The picture above is the first “computer bug” found in 1945. As a piece of techno-folklore, this was

  2. CBM on CRM says:

    WOW … 3 blog entries in 1 day… that have never happened before… will it ever happen again… 😉

  3. Don says:

    Hotfix 950088 is described as a cumulative hotfix. The HB article however states "this hotfix is intended to correct only the problem that is described in this article."

    Which is it? is it a cumulative hotfix or a hotfix for a specific issue? This conflicting information is rather confusing.

  4. Smiti Shah says:

    Cumulative hotfix mentioned in this blog contains all the fixes.  

  5. Jan Vanek says:

    KB article 952046 (mentioned in item 9) is still not available. Do you have any detailed info about this hotfix and its release date, please?

  6. Bonjour L’équipe CRM de MS a publié une liste des derniers hotfixs disponibles pour le client Outlook

  7. Martin says:

    Surely the hotfix mentioned on no. 8 is the latest? The file versions are higher than the ‘cumulative hotfix’ and it was also released after.

  8. While doing my CRM Online install, I attempted to set the client up with the CRM Outlook client. It appeared

  9. Microsoft recently posted a blog listing the top 10 issues received through their support channel. The

  10. Jason says:

    When will the "Outlook hangs and doesn’t allow any interaction when BCM or other Addins are present" hot fix (KB952046) be published?

  11. scott says:

    Article 950088 is hotfix for

    E-mail messages are not sent from Outlook Web Access, from Outlook Mobile Access, or from Outlook Rules after you open the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 client for Outlook

    Does this fix all listed above?

  12. While doing my CRM Online install, I attempted to set the client up with the CRM Outlook client. It appeared

  13. Neil Benson says:

    According to Don Chang in the Microsoft partner support newsgroup, hofix KB956720 (the last one in Smiti’s list) is a cumulative hotfix that addresses all these issues (not KB950088 as suggested at the top of this article). And we’re hoping for a CRM 4.0 Update Rollup sometime in Nov/Dec 2008.

  14. Hi There,

    We are running a pilot of Microsoft Dynamics with a view to using it worldwide. HOWEVER we are experiencing a huge problem with the Outlook Plugin.

    With Outlook 2007, after doing a fresh install if the CRM tool and checking for all available updates we are getting “The Data file did not close properly” when starting  Outlook.

    I was getting this on my own machine so in the end I uninstalled the CRM plug-in and the problem went away, unfortunately this is not an option for some users so is there anything we can do ?

    I have done a fresh install of outlook 2007, removed all other Outlook "Add Ins" and still get this problem

    Be very pleased to hear your advice,

    In anticipation of a positive response

    Kind regards

    Gareth Hillary

    European Infrastructure Manager,

    Burson Marsteller, London

  15. Daniel says:

    Did you run the CRM client diags ?

  16. Sam( says:

    I really need your help. When i run CRM diagnostics as Admin, it passes "Network and Connectivity" with 2 warnings and internet settings with one warning. Then it gets stuck at "client configuration". Here is the message:

    I have downloaded the latest update for CRM. and also download the hot fix  "1. Outlook hangs during initialization ".


     Stopped working

    Problem signature:

     Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

     Application Name: Microsoft.Crm.Outlook.Diagnostics.exe

     Application Version: 4.0.7333.3

     Application Timestamp: 475914c9

     Fault Module Name: KERNEL32.dll

     Fault Module Version: 6.0.6001.18000

     Fault Module Timestamp: 4791a81d

     Exception Code: e053534f

     Exception Offset: 0002f35f

     OS Version: 6.0.6001.

     Locale ID: 1033

    Read our privacy statement:

  17. 365blog says:

    Hi Sam,

    If you have not already pushed this to Microsoft support, I would suggest that you ask this in the CRM Forums at  

    We have a lot of good people in the forums invested in answering questions like yours.



  18. James Foster says:

    Why is it when I track email in CRM-outlook the email shows up as HMTL code on any report I run?



  19. If you're experiencing problems with the Outlook add-in for Microsoft CRM 4.0, check out this helpful

  20. Michael says:

    When I have the Outlook client open and then open the web based admin for CRM the Customizations link is not available in the Settings section. If I close the Outlook client and Outlook all together then open the web based admin for CRM the Customizations link is now available. ?????

  21. Mike says:

    Wow!  What a riddled piece of crap.  Truly, should there be this many bugs and glitches with this program still.  This has been the biggest regret I have ever had from a program standpoint is rolling out CRM.  Blasphemy!

  22. Rinz says:

    Is it also 2009 for Microsoft? Thou shall only install and use the Outlook plugin for one and only one user on a computer. A complete SQL server database, and it supports one user! That’s not all, I get 1069 startup errors. Crap, is this version 4 already? Sorry for this text, but I have to shout it out ;S Some bugs are so clear, it is a mistery the test team didn’t notice it. Test your software multilanguage/multireagion/least privileged. Basic stuff.

  23. Kristopher : CTUK says:

    Anyone had a repeating issue with Microsoft CRM 4.0 for Microsoft Office Outlook running on Vista client where the Outlook will close down and restart??

    If so, you wouldn’t happen to know the fix??

  24. Andreas says:


    I have a big Problem with the Configuration from the Outlook Client.

    I have add the CRM-Url in the different Security Zones in the Internet Explorer. The Pop-Up Blocker is also configured with an exception.

    When I use the Client, I have to authenticate  me in every Entity. After I have closed for example a special contact and reopen the same one I have to authenticate me every time. The Check Box (Save the Credentials) from the window takes no effect. Please give me a hint where I can look for a mistake in the configuration.

  25. asyed01 says:

    Hello Experts!

    I’m new to Microsoft CRM and having an issue when i try to Sync CRM with outlook. It works for some emails0 but for few I’m having this following error message.

    When syncing a message already sent that has NO ATTACHMENT, I get this error message:

    A SQL Server error occurred. Try this action again. If the problem continues, check the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community for solutions or contact your organization’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM Administrator. Finally, you can contact Microsoft Support.

    I’ve also tried to run the Diagnostics and it told me Bad Network. But everything works fine though.

    Does anybody has any idea about this issues?

    Thanks a lot in advance

  26. Larry says:

    CRM toolbar keeps disappearing in outlook. seems to be when outlook not completely closed down.  If you close down outlook, the outlook process still appears in the process list.  open outlook back up and the CRM toolbar is gone.  If you first completely shut down the outlook process (gone from task manager process list) and then restart outlook then CRM toolbar is present.   Bu of course, a typical user doesn’t know to look for an existing outlook process in the process list.

  27. Bob says:

    I have installed the Outlook connector for CRM4 to the client but seem to be having a few problems. Outlook keeps displaying a message that says that ‘Outlook has encountered a serious problem’ and asks if we want to uninstall the connector. Well we don’t and it appears to run normally for a while.

    We also get a very odd problem.

    When sending e-mail

    1. Pdf attachments arrive as winmail.dat files

    2. When the client replies outlook and CRM only get the original outgoing message NOT the client reply, yet blackberrys gets the client reply as normal (both messages, the original and the reply).

    2 Other machines display the messages  ‘the logged on user does not have the relevant security permissions to view these records or perform this specific action try this again ect…’ when using the connector.

  28. Michael says:

    I am having an issue in keeping the Outlook Client logged in.

    I have Dynamics CRM 4.0 open and running fine in IE. Outlook CRM toolbar loads no problem. No issues with syncing or anything else.

    The issue I get is when I open any entity (contact, opportunity, account) to get any information my Outlook client logs out…which in turn logs me out of CRM on IE.

    I’ve tried chaging the URL of our CRM to Trusted Sites to Local Intranet and back and still the same results…any ideas or suggestions?

  29. Hi Smiti says:

    I am encountering issue of 'Synchronize with CRM ' option.

    First time synchronized successfully. But when I do second time same synchronize option – Synchronizatio is removing recently added meeting.

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