Networks Based on Social Roles

Network diagrams have always been interesting to me. Charting and analyzing the flow of dialogue based on social roles gives us a bit more insight into the phenomenon of social networking.  I've been making my way through some work that a community guru and master communicator Marc Smith:

"...presented at the ICWSM 2008 in Seattle (International Conference on Web Logs and Social Media) and the 2007 Communities and Technologies conference at Michigan State University.

A paper we recently published in the Journal of Social Structure: “Visualizing the Signatures of Social Roles in Online Discussion Groups” is available from:"


As I make my way through the syllabus Marc provided I see this network visualization that is more than analytical, it is truly a piece of art too:



This is a recently released directed graph network charting add-in for Excel. These tools and others are available from our Web site: ( I have a lot more to read, but using the research venues in this post so far, I suspect you could spend most of your holiday weekend gaining insight.



Comments (6)

  1. Carlos says:

    Hi there, can you tell me what is the tool used in excel to generate the last image? Thanks

  2. Leon Tribe says:

    I’ve gone through all the downloads on the research site and cannot find the network charting add-in for Excel. Also the link appears to be broken.

    Leon Tribe

  3. 365blog says:

    Let me see if I can find the answer. I haven’t progressed very far in my reading since the post as I was on vacation.

  4. 365blog says:

    Okay, the link is fixed.

  5. 365blog says:

    Marc says:

    Excel .NetMap (formerly C#UNG_1.0.1.37)! Network Diagrams for Excel and Windows

    <Excel .NetMap depends on Excel Office 2007 on Windows (XP/Vista) (for now).>

    Download the Excel .NetMap Add-in and slides:

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