Customize Marketing List (List Member View)

The ability to Customize the List Member View of a marketing list has not been made available in the Customization area of the UI, but can still be achieved with the UI in other means by using the Advanced Find feature.

Fig 1: Marketing List Detail Form displaying “List Member View”

A Marketing List can only be 1 of 3 types, an Account, Contact, or Lead. By default each of these 3 entities has a view associated with it named “All Members”, "Active Members", and "Inactive Members". The view that is displayed for the List Member View is based on the marketing list type. For example if the List is an Account type Marketing List, then only the Account entity views of “All Members”, “Active Members”, and “Inactive Members” will be available. The Lead and Contact entities also has these three views, but they will not be available to a Marketing List of type Account.

I will provide an example below of adding a single column only to the “All Members” view for all 3 entities, “Account”, “Contact”, and “Lead” for a total of 3 view modifications. Note: You must have permissions for Customizations to perform the following steps.

How To:

Step 1: Launch Advanced Find

Step 2: When Advanced Find Dialog opens, change the “Look for” Combo box to be “Views”

Step 3: Change the Select Option to “View”, “Equals”

Step 4: Use the Lookup to find “All Members”. NOTE: You will see 3 “All Members” listed in your Lookup window, each one represents an Account, Contact, or Lead “All Members View”. For this example select all three. Optional, you can save your view query for future use.

Fig 2: Advanced Find Dialog

Step 5: Click Find on the Advanced Find Dialog and you should now have a results page listing three “All Members” Views, representing the “All Members” view for an Account, Contact, and Lead. Double Click on Each View to open.

Step 6: When each View is Opened, Select the “Add Columns” button and a property list will appear. Choose a property from the list you want to have displayed as a column by check enabling the box next to the property, in this example I will be choosing the property “E-mail”. Exit the property dialog by clicking ‘OK’ after making your selection.

Fig 4: All Members View for Account after adding the E-mail Column

Step 7: You are free to make other modifications to this View as well, such as column and sort order. Make your changes, Select “Save and Close”, and repeat (if desired) to the other “All Members” views returned by the Advanced Find Query.

Step 8: Important! Finally we need to publish these changes before they can become active. The saved view you modified will appear as an additional item (draft) until it is published and overwrites the existing View. Navigate in the system to ‘Settings’ -> ‘Customization’ -> ‘Customize Entities’. Under the menu Item “More Actions” Select “Publish All Customizations” or you can Use the “Publish” Button.

Important Note: Use the “Publish” button To ONLY publish the highlighted Entity row from the Grid (for example if you customized the memberlist view for Contacts, then select the ‘Contact’ entity item in the grid before pressing Publish. If Using “Publish All Customizations”, be aware that every customization pending in the system will be published!


Result: The List Member View has been modified…

Fig 5: Modified List Member View


Jim Schumacher

Comments (40)

  1. Paul says:

    Thanks, Jim!

    My earlier online help request about how to do this yielded a "not possible" response.



  2. Ben Kennedy says:

    Is there a way of using the advanced find feature to update a list of contacts.

    In my particular example i have created a custom entity "Events" and want to search through all contacts using advanced find and invite them to any of the active events.

    In Marketing Lists you can manage a list of members is this functionality re-usuable in other areas?



  3. Larethian says:


    I am using a Ms CRM French version, and I can not search for "all members", I have tried with "tout le monde", "tout", "toutes" and some other variations, but I have not reach this point: " NOTE: You will see 3 “All Members” listed in your Lookup window, each one represents an Account, Contact, or Lead “All Members View” "

    Can you give me some advice, please?

    Kind Regards,


  4. Jim says:

    Thank you for your comments. Guillermo, I’m setting up a French server to be able to help you out, and Ben, I’m looking into your question as well, so please return soon and I should have something posted.

  5. Jim says:


    Yes This can be done with the French CRM Server. I verified it this morning.

    Ok, When you launch the Advanced Find Window, and from the instructions you first change Rechercher: to "Vues" next set Sélectionner to "Vue Est égal à", you then click the lookup button "Entrer une valeur" a lookup dialog will appear.  The lookup should read….Rechercher: Vue   and then next to the lookup eye glass, type in the input field, depending on which of the views you want to modify… "Membres inactifs" or "Membres actifs" or "Tous les membres" you should then see 3 of the view type you are looking for. Select them by highlighting them and then clicking the "right moving arrows".  Click ‘OK’

    A nice easy way also, is to create a new marketing list, save, click "Membres de la liste marketing" and in the upper right hand corner of the form you will see Afficher: this view selector will contain the exact Name of the view you are trying to search for when using the advanced Find.

    Hope this Helps,


  6. Jim says:


    I think what you are trying to do is use Advanced Find and use the returned entities by adding them to your custom entity.  For Adding Items to an entity, the out of Box MSCRM solution uses a Lookup feature.  Currently doing a Filtered Lookup is not available out of the box.  You can however, if you feel code savvy, download the SDK and I would recommend writing a script using the RetrieveMultiple Request.  

    Other than that I know there are 3rd party Microsoft Partners developing such tools that you may be able to install as an add-on.   You can search for items in or post a request to the Crm developer newsgroup and ask if anyone knows where to buy such an add-on.  The link to the newsgroup is at



  7. Benkennedy1 says:

    Thanks fo your advice Jim,

    I will investigate.


  8. Glen Roberts says:

    Thanks for this information Jim.  You can use the above method to modify other views (opportunties, accounts selected in quick campaigns, etc) as well!

  9. Sylvain says:


    At step 6 (add columns), I don’t see the contacts column. I only see: Name, Description, created by,… It look to be the column of the View table.

    Do you have an idea …



  10. Jimsch71 says:


    Step 6 describes how to add additional columns to the view by clicking the "Add Column" button, and then selecting a property from the attribute list to be used as a new displayed column.

    Hope this helps,


  11. DanM says:

    Hi Jim, Thanks for this tip; Worked a treat. Do you know if this technique can be used to modify the Campaign Responses list view in the main pane, found in the Details submenu under a specific campaign? I can’t find it in the views list as described above, but maybe I’m missing it. Alternatively, do you have any other tips to do this? Thanks!

  12. Jimsch71 says:


    Do step 1 and Step 2 only from above, and then jump to step 5.  This will return ALL views for the system.  on the bottom right hand side of the query results dialog, you will see some page advance arrows. Continue to advance until you get to the Campaign Response Views.  


  13. H J says:

    Hi Jim,

    I would like to add columns from related entity (custom entity) to associated view of another custom entity.

    Is it possible by this approac or by any other means. I could not find any way to accomplish that.

    H J

  14. Frank Lee says:

    The associated view currently does not support displaying of related entities’ fields like other views could.  This is a very common request, I’d recommend submitting this feature request for future versions/updates.

    Frank Lee, Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP

  15. Val says:

    Hi Jim,

    I want to display in the contact associated view inactive contact. It was possible in version 3.0, and now in version 4.0 I don’t fond any way to do this. Could you help me?

    Thanks in advance,


  16. Jaydel says:

    This might seem like a silly question but when you say "Launch the advanced find" I can do that by clicking on the manage members button which then asks me how I want to find.  Then in there I don’t see the view selection option you are talking about.

  17. Jim says:

    Hi, The Advanced find I was referring to wasn’t the Adv Find to add members to a Marketing List, but the Advanced Find for all entities.  You can find this button on the Main Form you see when you logon, located on the toolbar across the top.  the non-customized out of the Box CRM Toolbar list the following items on this toolbar "New activity" "New Record" "Goto" "Tools" and then "Advanced Find".  It has the Icon of the Binoculars.  Remember, This however isn’t quite the same as the Adv Find you use to add members to a List.


  18. Eric says:

    Thanks! That’s exactly what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, I’m unable to fully customize the view. But I was still able to add some important fields like Parent Customer.

    Thanks for making me look like a hero 🙂

  19. Ueli says:

    Hi, I add the field Parent Customer to List Meber View. Now the Index Letters for search doesn’t work correct. example: click index letter m, if the memebers name is miller and the parent customer is Moonliner ok – if its differnet like Balmer under the customer Moonliner the search returns no results.

    Thanks in advance,


  20. Jim says:


    The index letters will only work on the list member search items primary search key (such as the contact’s name).  The search keys not working on your sorted parent customer column that you added to the list member view doesn’t have to do with your customization.  For example, If you sort on one of the default out of the box columns, such as "Address1: City", you will notice that the index letters do not function as I believe you were expecting as well.  This is great feedback though, and I will create a suggestion item for this.  

    Thank you :o)


  21. JimB says:

    Awesome!  President of the company asked for this customization yesterday.  I was not optimistic.

    Hope the meetimg my boss and the pres or in ends before I go home!

    Thanks so much for helping us out.


  22. Herkules says:


    how can i change the view for the members in a marketing list?. I found nothing to change the f.e. contacts list. I get the 3 columns with the name, tel. and city and i cannot change anything.



  23. Herkules says:

    Sorry, im blind. Now i got it.

    Just opend my eyes and read.

  24. Stephan says:

    Hello, thank you for this great entry!

    I was alqays told, that customizing the columns in a marketing list was not possible, now I see, that is is  – unfortunately for me only theoretically:

    I have severe problems at step 8:

    When I navigate to Settings –> Customization there are no features, only the possibility to download data with the description of the web service. (The German message reads "Dateien mit Beschreibung des Webdiesntes herunterladen") I then have the possibility to download a "main Data Web Service" or a "Metadata Web Service". The only results are new tabs with something that looksw a little bit like html code.

    Am I in the wrong settings menu?

    Thanks for your help!


  25. Charles says:

    Great Post – help me generate a ton of value with MS CRM for marketing purposes.



  26. Jan Havel says:

    Great! Works perfectly, thanks! Jan

  27. Chris Cox says:

    Thank you very much for this amazingly helpful post.

    I have looked several times before for a way to do this and now it works.

    Brilliant thanks


  28. Carina says:

    Thanks for this very helpful post, it works perfectly! Just out of curiosity, why does this view contain only three columns as default? It is not very useful from a user perspective. From my point of view you would like to create a marketing list by e.g. using Advanced Find with contacts as base – Fine. Then maybe you would like to add and/or remove some contacts manually to this list. But to remove certain contacts can be tricky when you do not see the account name. Also maybe you want to check and modify the list next time you use it.



  29. Michelle says:

    Thanks Jim!

    It was essential to us to be able to customise this view.

  30. Awesome tidbit!!  CRM help was useless.  This was perfect.  I’m bookmarking!  Thanks again.

  31. Matt says:

    GREAT! Never would have figured this out on my own!

  32. Eric Ung says:

    That’s fantastic. In addition to this, I have also tried to modified the "Account’s Customer Relationship View". I followed your instructions through to Step5 and I get the following error upon double clicking on the View; "This view belongs to a non-customizable entity and cannot be edited."

    To overcome this, I right click on the View and "Copy Shortcut" (MS CRM V4), then paste that shortcut on a new IE window and up came that view and I was able to modify and saved it (I assumned this is not supported by MS). And finally, you will need to publish the associated entity through the normal way. Hope this helps anyone who is in the same predicament.

  33. Sue says:

    Brilliant – this resolves many requests I have had from users. Thanks

  34. Stasys Paplauskas says:

    Dear Jim,

    Is there any possibility to make the Marketing list from other type  members than Lead, Account and Contact.

    We realy need possibility to include into Marketing list members from our customized object.

    Stasys Paplauskas

    CRM implementation project manager at TEO

  35. Honcharov says:

    Good solution.

    Thanks !

  36. Kathryn says:

    Fantastic post, worked perfectly for Members of a Marketing List 🙂

  37. Rory says:

    Ditto all the positive comments above.  Life saving post.  

    Thanks Jim

    We now have a simple, usable, repeatable, response handling solution.


  38. Melad says:

    Thanky you very much …


  39. Stefan says:

    Thanks a lot!!!


  40. Marcel Nollet says:

    My users have access to CRM in our company network but

    I need to let the CRM users access this service from their laptops

    via the internet.

    Is there a step by step procedure to achieve this ?


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