Bio – Mark Harrington

I’m an SDET on the Microsoft CRM team in Redmond. I’ve been working with CRM since the version 1.0 days. I started out as a tester on the Great Plains to CRM Integration, and then move to the core team working with various aspects of Customization, Metadata, and the SDK. I first joined Microsoft in 2001 with the acquisition of Great Plains, where I spent 4 years in Tech Support.

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  1. You may have noticed that in 4.0, the MetadataService is considerably slower at retrieving data that

  2. I knew this guy when he was just a kid and all he could do was pound nails in the floor of my new house. Then he grew up and won a weight lifting competition. Somewhere along the way he got pretty smart!

    Way to go.

  3. ASPInsiders says:

    I had fun today tracking down a error that I created by importing an entity that had a lookup field on

  4. Jim Schumacher submits his Holiday portrait and added onto by Mark Harrington . It was drawn on one of

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