CRM 4.0 Campaign vs. Quick Campaign Flow Chart

Now my final chart compares the two ways to do a Campaign. You can get a copy of this chart from the Quick Campaign download you may have already downloaded or from here.

CampaignVsQuickCampaign (3)


Jim Schumacher

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  1. Did you see the post at

  2. 365blog says:

    From Geneva: These charts are great.  We use the CRM 4.0 sample data for demos.  Have you thought about making your examples consistent with that data?  

    Also have you developed these documents for sales and service?  They would make great follow through and leave behind documents.  

    Once again thanks for sharing these.

  3. ArthurDent says:

    Could you say how to create a email marketing campaign with 2nd , 3rd follow emails dependent on user response?

    Is it possible to do this in Dynamics CRM 4.0?

  4. MikeD says:

    Is it possible to send a quick campaign, but instead of using the ‘owners’ email address, send it on behalf of a generic email address , for example,

  5. Jerome Tudos says:

    Interested in out of bthe box rapid CRM deployment options

  6. Anne Stanton says:

    Well Put – a picture says 1000 words! Thanks

  7. Naitik says:

    Have you developed these documents for sales and service?

  8. Mark Van Deibert says:

    I remeber a thousand pictures in my mind

  9. Gravity Garden says:

    Process mapping consultants need various skills to help business executives understand their own processes so they can blow them up and rebuild more efficient ways of doing business.

    This can be a challenging task in itself unless you can rely on sample flowcharts to articulate the process in an understandable format. Getting subject matter experts to redefine their business processes is difficult unless you are able to help the entire department or business unit breakdown their complex processes to identify gaps or redundancies that currently exist.

    I have created sample flowcharts in various formats if interested.

    Gravity Gardener

  10. CCS Marketing says:

    Our marketing group sends newsletters to over 3500 contacts once a month.  I want to distribute a campaign activity (or quick campaign) to these contacts as the owner and then close all of them at once .  How do I do this?

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