Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 – SDK Update download is live!

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK download package has been updated.  Version 4.0.1 includes several important changes:

1) The Plug-in walk through in the SDK has been updated to match the readme that is included in the SDK\Walkthroughs folder.

2) The Readme file in the SDK\tools\deployworkflowtool folder has been corrected.

3) Additional sample code has been added in the Scripting Sample Code topic.

4) New content has been added to the URL Addressable Forms topic.

In addition to the download, this release will be appearing live on MSDN in the developer center library any day now! Also coming soon is a new series of introductory technical articles on the Learn tab in the developer center.

Amy Langlois

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  1. Amy Langlois posted today ( Microsoft Dynamics CRM Team Blog ) that the CRM 4 Sdk has been updated. Here

  2. Hi Amy,

    A quick question about the SDK. I remember in the 3.0 SDK and also in the 4.0 RC0 sdk there was a section ISV Programming Guide -> Installation.

    It mentions the following:

    It is recommended that all ISV solutions are added to the registry at the following location:

    HKLMSoftwareMicrosoftMSMicrosoft Dynamics CRM_Extensions<Company Name><Product Name>

    I don’t see that anymore in the 4.01 SDK. Is it still recommended that ISV’s add their application at this registry location?



  3. Amy Langlois says:

    We will be adding the ISV Guide to the 4.0 SDK when it is complete. However, the information you need is in this version under Best Practices. You can find it here:


    Amy Langlois

    Microsoft CRM SDK

  4. Thanks for the link. I did see this page in the SDK, but it doesn’t mention the ISV registry key that was mentioned in previous versions.

    And I’m wondering if this recommendation about the registry key still applies.



  5. Amey Gondkar says:


    I have installed CRM 4.0 on my machine, with 1warning : verify domain SPN for crm application pool.

    Installation of CRM 4.0 is sucessful, the big problem is the credentials with which i have installed the same are Administrator of my Domain still when i start crm 4.0 with same credentials it gives me error restricted access 401.

    Kindly help me sir..

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