Bio – Lisa Higginbotham

I am a training content developer for Microsoft CRM. I have experience working with all of the MBS products in some capacity either as a training class instructor or managing projects and  currently authoring content (training manuals, on line courses, exams) for the CRM Application modules. During college, I spent a year attending Salford University…


New Whitepaper: Optimizing the Performance of MS Dynamics CRM 3.0

  I’m happy to announce that we have released the “Optimizing the Performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0” White Paper to  the Microsoft Download Center: Overview This white paper discusses how to optimize the performance of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 system. You’ll learn how re-indexing, de-fragmenting, and regularly maintaining your databases can increase…


Last Chance! Improving the CRM Implementation Guide

Yes! Once Again, You Can Improve Our Deployment Documentation for the Next Generation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM! I’m developing the Implementation Guide (IG) for the next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As such, I need to know how our customers, partners, and field feel about the current IG documentation. Any knowledge or opinions that you…


New version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM announced!

New version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers the power of choice to customers with on-premise, partner-hosted and Microsoft-hosted deployment models. Microsoft Corp. today announced that it is previewing the next major release of Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM — code-named “Titan” — with a broad range of partners through the company’s Technology Adoption Program (TAP). The new version…


CRM 3.0C Language Support

The new Client image for compatibility with Office12 and Vista is now available for download in the following languages; Danish, Finnish, Polish and Brazilian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian and Swedish. At the Download Center you can select the release with your desired language using the “change language” dropdown list.   In the coming weeks you can expect…


Bio – Vince Nolan

I have worked in the localisation of Microsoft products since 1990 and on Microsoft CRM since 2002. I currently serve as Program Manager with responsibility for delivering all non-English versions of Microsoft CRM components and tools. I’m the proud father of 4 and the proud driver of the best vehicle in the world (Defender 110)….


Best Practices for Better Performance from Your Custom Code

Use Multiple Threads Add threading support to your application to break the work up across multiple CPU’s. This assumes that you are running the code on a multi-processor system. For more information see the NET Framework Developer’s Guide article on Managed Threading at Use NTLM Authentication For more information see Designing Distributed Applications with…


Welcome Back!

Ilana Smith, the founder of the CRM team blog, has recently taken up a new role the Dynamics NAV team (based in København). As she alluded to in her final post I will be taking over some of her duties in this space. The practice of blogging has been ‘virally embraced’ at Microsoft. Almost every…


Ending all running workflow instances when an entity instance is closed

One of the important aspects of workflow rule designing is to ensure that the rule instances finish after nicely when the work is done. Let’s take a simple scenario, a business want to send an email to the owner of an account if the account’s credit limit rises beyond a particular value. A simple workflow…


Some of our favorite CRM blogs

Happy New Year everyone! I’m just now catching up on some of my favorite blogs and I thought I’d share the links with you. I really liked Aaron Elder’s Magic! Creating a single Virtual PC image for Microsoft CRM 3.0. His solution to setting up a virtual PC that can support every required to demo…