Titan Feature Highlight: CRM Email Send/Receive thru Outlook

After working on new features for the CRM Titan release for the past couple of years, it’s great that we can finally share with all of you what we’ve been working on.  Here’s a sneak peak at one of the many new features in Titan surrounding the Outlook Client experience.

CRM Email Send/Receive thru Outlook

Do you wish all of your email sent in the CRM system was also stored in your Outlook folders?  Would you like your received email automatically tracked in CRM, but the CRM Email Router is a bit too much for your small organization?  The CRM Outlook Client has a couple of new features to help make email management easier and more connected with Outlook. 

The first is the ability to send email activities created in CRM as Outlook email items.  Here are the steps on how to do this.

First, the user settings need to be setup to use the Outlook Client for sending/receiving email (note – I’m also accessing the Settings folder within the Outlook client now – another new Titan feature).


As a security precaution, we also need the user to choose to send/receive CRM email thru Outlook (to ensure they don’t unknowingly have emails going thru their Outlook system).  The user just need to check the boxes highlighted below.


Then, when user creates and sends email activities in CRM, they will initally sit in a ‘Pending Send’ status, waiting for the CRM Outlook Client to connect to the server and pick them up for sending.  After the CRM Outlook Client sends them, the status is changed to ‘Sent’.


Now, we see the email has been sent by Outlook and a copy of the mail is in the Outlook Sent Items folder (also note the new CRM Regarding label on the email preview pane – another minor enhancement in Titan).


Additionally, since the user setting is set to use the CRM Outlook Client for receiving email into CRM, when the user gets a reply the email is examined and then is automatically tracked in CRM according to the user’s options (tracking all email or only CRM related email).  This is all done on the CRM Outlook Client, the CRM Email Router is not involved or required.


Hope this gets your mouth watering for Titan.  There’s so much more to show, stay tuned for more.

Jason Dibble

Comments (6)

  1. Sean Mullaney says:

    When will we be able to get CRM 4.0 "Titan" in Europe with the Action Pack.  I have some clients that would rather wait for the new version and I wanted to be able to use it ASAP.

  2. Seth says:

    Will this functionality work with IMAP connections or is it POP3 only?  I.e., does the mail have to be coming in and out of the "Personal Folders" PST or can it access IMAP and HTTP PSTs as well?

  3. Fred Zilz says:

    Excellent – We are maintaining an Exchange 2003 installation solely for the CRM router, once we go to CRM 4.0 looks like we can abandon the Router and Exchange 2003.  ( We moved to Exchange 2007 early this year).  

    Question:  What happens if a user manages some emails from their smartphone or OWA instead of their Outlook CRM client?  

  4. dino@iqgroup.com.au says:

    I have a question on tracking emails with attachments. I have the situation that my CRM is hosted by an ISP and so when sending an email using outlook and having the track option on, the entire email and attachment are sent to the CRM before control is handed to outlook and then sent on through exchange. This of course becomes a bottle neck as the outlook UI is locked while the attachment is sent to CRM.  Does the email router under CRM 4 solve a problem like this?

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