Testing on Titan continues

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team continues to test the Titan pre-releases inviting partners to download the Virtual PC image of the beta product.  Microsoft Partners can download the Microsoft CRM Titan VPC and a 'What's New' training manual from: https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/products/mscrm/. I want to make sure that partners know that you should not be using this release for production work on your customer databases as the customizations that you may have in place will not work on the beta releases.

These seasoned experts are providing a lot of feedback so that we ship a product that exceeds customer expectations.  I will have more info at my blog the East Region Microsoft CRM.


Ben Vollmer


Comments (5)

  1. Jim Glass Jr says:

    I love it when the solution guyz blog.  :o)

  2. Ral says:

    All partners? or only certain selected partners?

  3. Gunady says:

    If you’re partner and able to access partnersource, you just need to follow the link. I have tested it for several days. Mix feeling, I have to said.

    But there is one suggestion, if I am allowed to post it here:

    There is a search and view button in the main Entity View/List. But, if the entity is viewed in the parent entity (at the left menu of parent entity form), there is no way that user can do searching/filtering/change view there. Is it possible to add search textbox in the "related entity view"? There are number of entities that have huge amount of child entities, and currently, user can only use Advanced Find to do the searching. It will be good if searching/changing view can be done in this kind of view. Thanks, just my 2c opinion.

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