A corporate blog is an interesting beast. One has to refrain from giving ‘irresponsible advice’ and yet one has also ‘speak in a human voice’. Reflecting back on our own team blog we have certainly made a few mistakes along the way. We accidently published some unsupported customizations (and quickly clarified the mistake), a few of our posts are too long, others read like they were written by robots etc. Overall I think our team has done a decent job with experimenting with this new medium.  Soon (I can’t/won’t say when) we will start talking about Titan on the blog. I’m considering a major strategy change for the blog to coincide with this momentous event.

Feel free to praise/flame us in the comments or feel free to email me directly (my email is easy to find on the internet). With any luck our blog won’t end up like the fictional Playstation Blog imagined by Penny Arcade. Tell us what interests you: Design ideas, code samples, pictures of our pets, team profiles, feature suggestions, marketing info, more community guest bloggers etc etc.

Philip Richardson

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  1. pazu says:

    Inside info 🙂 I mean it – why not say: we do now this and this, we think this is good, we have no time to do this, but it is good idea, maybe later. We had dilemma with this and have decided this because of this. Info about community projects (if there are some). No marketing, no pets.

  2. Todd says:

    Only praise here. You guys have done a great job posting info on this blog and it has added a great deal of value to me personally and our organization.

    Please keep it up!!

  3. El del CRM says:

    Pues la r espuesta es pronto . Ayer Philip Richardson (Program Manager) hacía una pequeña reflexión sobre

  4. john seidensticker says:

    Always like the "ideas" generated on how-to’s within CRM. Undocumented features and yes, even the "unsupported" stuff – when fully explained as such – are welcome.

  5. Denzel says:

    I like the information but I have to say that I want more.  Understanding that probably ever major install has some "unauthorized or unsupported"  change, explaining how to accomplish some of those things within the framework of supported changes, would be a great thing.

    One easy example, quick creates, MS supports allowing for new acccounts and contacts via quick creates out fo the box but for customer service quick create cases is just if not more important.  We had to do an unauthorized update to prevent close to a dozen additional steps for users.

    Also linking the regional CRM blogs to the main blog site would be good.  The combination of this main blog and the regional ones has helped me modify our CRM solution to make life easier on our users, so please keep up the good work.

  6. Ramon Espuga says:

    I’m glad to read this message. It’s important for me to know about the new version. I’m interested in new features (multilanguage, more flexible form designer, more relationship options, field level permission, … ?? ), and in new architecture.

  7. Mark T says:

    This is a very useful blog.  It could be enhanced by including more information on what is coming up in rollups / new versions.  This makes the planning process easier for IT departments, e.g. should I buy an add-in now, or is the feature I am looking for about to come out in a couple of months.

    Another example is update rollup 2 has been mentioned with a release date of a few weeks ago, but nothing has been said since about when the release is now expected nor any ideas what it contains.

  8. Pete says:

    The blog is an awesome has done a great job at providing much needed info from the product team. Negative feedback would be as follows — various guest bloggers should in my opinion stick to their own blogs anyone interested in following CRM follows a number of blogs anyway. If the blog is short on subjects for a given week – please keep it simple and don’t post anything — If I want to read about Dundas controls or All things digital I can find that on other blogs.. If I want to know what it’s like to be an MVP I will find that info on an MVP blog – this is the internet not a TV channel

    In short my feedback and ask is that this blog is kept a clean CRM product blog – a blog whereon we find the hard to get info on CRM from the product team.

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