Microsoft CRM 3.0 Update Rollup 2 Status Update – and a little Q&A

Hello, Microsoft Dynamics CRM folks,

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sustained Engineering team is currently targeting June 4th as the Release-To-Web date for Update Rollup 2 for Microsoft CRM 3.0.  It has been undergoing pre-release testing for a month, and we currently have no open issues.  When it is released, it will be available via the Microsoft Download Center (

I'd like to take this opportunity to answer some blog questions regarding this release:


Does Update Rollup 2 include the Client Compatibility Update (for Windows Vista and Office 2007 support)?


No.  Update Rollup 2 includes fixes for the Client Compatibility Update, but you must install the Client Compatibility Update first, then install the client package of Update Rollup 2 on your clients to benefit from the fixes provided via Update Rollup 2.


Is Update Rollup 2 cumulative, i.e. does it include the hotfixes/updates from Update Rollup 1?


Yes.  All Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update Rollups are cumulative, so Update Rollup 2 includes the fixes from Update Rollup 1, and subsequent Update Rollups will include all fixes previously released in earlier Rollups.


Is the Daylight Saving Time fix and Update Time Zones Wizard included in Update Rollup 2?  Should I run the Time Zones Wizard?


Yes, and Yes.  The Daylight Saving Time remediation tools are included in Update Rollup 2, and you should consult the documentation for the Daylight Saving Time toolset (see Microsoft Knowledge Base articles 925874 and 932984) before running the Update Time Zones Wizard.  If you do not, CRM entities with date/time stamps will be off by one hour during the week when Daylight Saving Time 2007 is being exited, if your server or any clients are in time zones affected by the DST 2007 changes.


Does Update Rollup 2 have any updates as prerequisites prior to install?


No.  Update Rollup 2 will install over RTM (Release To Manufacture) v3.0 client / server, or installations with any combination of hotfixes.


Is Update Rollup 2 un-installable?


No, this is by design due to the nature of the database updates needed for the Daylight Saving time remediation tools.


How important is installing Update Rollup 2?


Extremely important, in that post-Update Rollup 2 hotfixes (prior to Update Rollup 3) will REQUIRE Update Rollup 2.  The benefits are our ability to ship smaller hotfixes in some cases (fewer binary dependencies is a benefit of making Update Rollup 2 a new "baseline"), and allowing post-Update Rollup 2 hotfixes to be un-installable.

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Greg Nichols

Comments (22)

  1. Ceryx says:

    Is there a SPE version coming out?

  2. Darin says:

    Is there any news on whether Microsoft has made it easier to install the client updtaes…i.e. not having to require every user to have ‘Local Administrator" security rights?

    This has been a major pain in the arse.  It takes longer to schedule an update (the DST hotfix was ugly!), and it forces small IT staffs like ours to not install any hotfix until a major rollup like this.

    If anyone has a better way to install updates and hotfixes, I would be greatful if you passed on the knowledge.

  3. Bill Walter says:

    How can you tell if the Rollup 2 is installed? I lost track of which workstations I deployed it to and now when I look in Add remove programs I don’t see a CRM rollup listed even for the ones I know I installed it on?

  4. Rollup 2 för Microsoft CRM närmar sig, det tänkta releasedatumet är 4:e Juni och release kommer att göras

  5. Lynn Catterson says:

    <How can you tell if the Rollup 2 is installed?>

    A fast way to see which hotfixes and rollups are installed is to look in Add/Remove programs.  Check the option to show updates. Then you’ll see the installed program and all updates.

  6. What is the best way to roll these updates out on workstaions?  I have spent the last week installing SFO on 100 clients.   Now I have to go back to all of them in 2 weeks and install this too?  

  7. Pmarius says:

    What is the best way to roll these updates out on workstaions?  I have spent the last week installing SFO on 100 clients.   Now I have to go back to all of them in 2 weeks and install this too?  

  8. Wayne Walton says:

    Are there release notes detailing what Rollup 2 offers?

  9. Delf says:

    Is there any plans for making updates for the CRM Client available via Windows Software Update Services (WSUS)?

  10. Matthias says:

    June 4th has come. Where is the update?

  11. Bilal says:

    Is the Update Rollup 1.0 a prerequisite for the update rollup 2.0?

  12. Michal says:

    WHere I can find the update? Is it going to be available today?

  13. Helio says:

    Current status of the update? As the target

    was 4th of June.

  14. Anne Stanton says:

    What is the official release date of CRM Rollup 2? Does it contain a new Outlook Client for CRM OR does it help with some of the Outlook 2007/with CRM lockup issues?

  15. Jon Martin says:

    Is there anything new on the release date and what this update offers?

  16. Is there any news on the release date for this?  We have several customers who are waiting for this update to see if it solves problems with their systems.

  17. Stephen, all fixes in the rollup are available as hotfixes currently. If you are having a problem with a customer site, I would suggest going the proactive route and get the hotfix from product support until the rollup arrives.

  18. To everyone asking about dates/times an email was sent to the beta group on June 1st stating that there would be an "indeterminate delay" of the rollup due to an issue found very late in the cycle. Not a great answer but atleast there is reason for this and it is ensuring a better rollup (not like someone forgot about all of us) 😉

  19. Marc says:

    When is the exact release date for this ? is there a list of bugs that have been resolved ?

  20. Mohsen says:


    I installed the CRM 3.0 Update Rollup 2, after installing it the following problem was occurred:

    I have some custom entities under Account entity and these custom entities can have Active and Inactive status reason, now when I open an Account and click to one of these custom entity if it’s status reason was Inactive, I can not see the item record of this entity in Associated View(under Account entity).

    Would you please help me about this problem?

  21. Greooo says:


    I have the same problem than Mohsen. Is there a solution to view inactive custom entities in associated view ?

    I already spent a lot of time to find it and I really need it.


  22. ye wint says:

    Hotfix Here : In the associated view for the custom entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0, custom entity records that are deactivated are invisible.

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