Announcing: CRM SDK V3.0.7 Updated

Announcing an update to the Microsoft CRM 3.0 SDK! Download version 3.0.7 of the SDK to get new and updated sample code, topic enhancements, and bug fixes. Here are a few of the changes you’ll find in this version:


Learn best practices for writing code that performs better by creating multiple threads and using unsafe connection sharing.


In the Sample Code section, you’ll find new samples that show you how to:

  • Create a customer relationship

  • Create an opportunity and set a picklist

  • Perform a bulk delete operation

You can download the updated SDK from this location: This update will be live on MSDN soon!


Amy Langlois

Comments (2)

  1. Fick precis ett mail om att vi har släppt en ny uppdaterad version av vår SDK Här är några av förändringarna

  2. Return Of The Mack… Firstly let me appologise for my four month absence, I do have some good reasons

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