CRM 3.0 Service Provider Client for MS Outlook

Now Microsoft Dynamics CRM client for Microsoft Office Outlook can be installed and run on computers that run Windows Vista-based operating systems and/or Office 2007-based applications.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients for Microsoft Office Outlook enables access to the same data through Outlook as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web client.

This release is only for users of the Service Provider Edition of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0.


Users can download V3C from this page below:

This release is only for English, but all other languages are undergoing localization testing and will be released soon.


Comments (5)

  1. Frank says:

    We have just installed the client and get the error "An error occurred loading Microsoft CRM functionality.

    Try restarting Microsoft Outlook.

    Cont your sysem administrator if errors persist.

  2. Philip Copeland says:

    I get the "An error occured loading Microsoft CRM Functionality. Try restarting Outlook" etc

    Any suggestions? I have tried reinstalling several times.

  3. Jon Whitfield says:

    I get this issue as well… seems like no one has it working…

  4. Conrad says:

    Same here and I’ve been trying to get it work all day!!!

  5. Wayne says:

    I am getting an error message that it can’t find outlook, that either its not installed or hasn’t been used since installation.

    However it is installed , so what can i do?

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