Introducing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Tips

Do you have tips that you have learned while using CRM? Here is your chance to submit that great idea that made you famous in the company but isn't generally known by the CRM community. Check out the CRM Tips page.

Here are some examples from the CRM community so far:

How to Send a Link to a Record

Submitted by: Derik from Redmond
Microsoft Dynamics CRM version: 3.0

Here's a quick and easy way to send a link to a Record to a fellow CRM user:
1) Open the Record that you want to send
2) Press F11 to takes the window into full screen. You'll now be able to see the URL in the address bar.
3) Select the URL in the Address Bar and Press CTRL+C to Copy.
4) Open a new email message and paste in the URL (or edit text to insert a hyper link) Voila!

Quick way to enter contact addresses

Submitted by: Cynthia from Kirkland
Microsoft Dynamics CRM version: 3.0

If you have many contacts at the same company and don't want to have to type in each address separately, you can auto create the addresses if you first create an Account Record. Once you create an account record and enter the address data, then under Details, select Contacts. Click New Contact. You'll notice that the Parent Customer information is automatically linked. In addition, if the Account record contained data for the Business Phone field, Address area information are already filled in.

Renee Wesberry

Comments (4)

  1. Andrew says:

    Cool Renee.  So will I be able to subscribe to the tips as an rss feed?  That would be great.

    Also, I probably have a few tips, are these any good to you?

  2. Tim Long says:

    Andrew, if you click on the Tips & Tricks tag over on the left column, then from that page you can subscribe to an RSS feed for just that category.

  3. Renee Wesberry says:

    Glad you like it, Andrew. We are new to doing these, so can you submit one of your tips on the CRM tips page and I’ll take a look?

    If you sign up for the RSS (Thanks for the info, Tim!), let me know how that works out.

  4. says:

    Thank you for the article. It is very helpful and has lots of good tips!

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