Heads Up: Beta Testing of CRM v3.0 Update Roll-up

CRM Customers, Partners, and ISVs:

The Microsoft CRM Sustained Engineering Team plans to release Update Roll-up 2, for all customers using Microsoft CRM v3.0. If you’ve already heard from me, you can ignore this blog post. 

For the rest of you, I’d like to extend an invitation to discuss you testing this release. This Roll-up will include hotfixes and updates released to date that enhance Microsoft CRM v3.0 usability and performance. Please note, we have quite a few participants that cover most “standard” implementations and topologies CRM Customers and Partners use, but I’d be particularly interested in hearing from you if you feel your deployment is very unique, including things like:

  • Very extensive customizations in general, including but not limited to SDK applications you or your Partner may have developed
  • Sophisticated workflows
  • Extensive integration with other applications within your organization (including, but not limited to, ERP solutions such as Great Plains)
  • Extensive use of ISV add-ons
  • WAN/Global deployments
  • Complex organizational structures
  • Very large data sets, inc. use of data warehousing
  • CRM Languages that haven’t had as much external pre-release testing as we’d prefer, i.e.
    • CSY (Czech), ELL (Greek), FIN (Finnish), HUN (Hungarian), ITA (Italian), NOR (Norwegian), PLK (Polish), PTG (Portuguese-Portugal), RUS (Russian), and SVE (Swedish)
  • Anything else that might be considered “out of the ordinary”

If you’re interested in more information regarding Microsoft CRM v3.0 Update Roll-up 2 Pre-Release testing, please contact me directly at crmsepm@microsoft.com.  And thanks in advance for your consideration!

The estimated release dates of this Update Rollup to external test teams (and the public) are:

· Pre-release Test environments:  4/2/2007

· Pre-release Production environments:  4/19/2007

· Public release:  5/15/2007

Greg Nichols

Please note: This Rollup is for the Microsoft CRM 3.0 on-premise SKU, and does not pertain to / will not install on Microsoft CRM 3.0 Service Provider Edition nor on-premise Chinese (PRC) and Japanese (JPN) versions.  Tentative release dates for Update Rollups for these versions are May 31st and June 30th, 2007 respectively.

This Rollup will include packages for CRM v3.0 Server and Sales for Outlook Clients (both the Release To Manufacture and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM clients for Outlook Compatibility Update versions)  in the following languages:

  • CSY (Czech)
  • DAN (Danish)
  • DEU (German)
  • ELL (Greek)
  • ENU (English – United States)
  • ESN (Spanish)
  • FIN (Finnish)
  • FRA (French)
  • HUN (Hungarian)
  • ITA (Italian)
  • NLD (Dutch)
  • NOR (Norwegian)
  • PLK (Polish)
  • PTB (Portuguese-Brazilian)
  • PTG (Portuguese-Portugal)
  • RUS (Russian)
  • SVE (Swedish)
  • TRK (Turkish)
Comments (7)

  1. CS says:


    Does this rollup 2 will include the compatibility update ?


  2. El del CRM says:

    En el blog del equipo de Microsoft Dynamics CRM podéis ver estas dos interesantes novedades: Una nueva

  3. Danny (BPS) says:

    Is the update rollup cumulative which includes the hotfixes/updates from rollup 1?

  4. MadsD says:

    As he mentions the rollup is also for the RTM-version of the client, my guess would be that it includes RU1 as well, but not sure.

  5. Alex says:

    Whould be nice to hear a new date. We have to reschedule a test period before we release this to our customers.

  6. Jon Martin says:

    Is there a new date for the public release and is there a list/document outlining "what this update" will provide.


  7. Shaun says:

    A new date for the public release would be helpful.

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