And now, the MVP Global Summit

Phil and I flew back yesterday from Convergence 2007 to run the MVP Summit on Redmond campus today. I hear I missed a great concert at Experience Music Project (EMP) last night. Curt Spanburgh and I have shared an interest in jazz and blues performance. Apparently he regaied the MVP crowd with some hot blues harp music at the EMP performance stage.

Right now Phil is walking the CRM MVPs through an update of what the CRM product group is up to right now. It's interesting, everything he talks about and demo generates so much conversation that it is obvious we could spend days with the MVPs talking about this stuff. So the value the MVPs appreciate the most is talking to the PMs, Devs, and Test people. Our quarterly MVP connect Live Meetings should be well attended in the next session as the MVPs realize this team is committed to giving them more access with the product team.

Break time is coming up so I have to run. I hope to blog a little more about this later today.


Comments (3)

  1. Really wish I could have stayed for the Titan session. But had to return to home Thursday. The deep dive into SBS on Wednesday was the most valuable day at the Summit for me. I’m sure the CRM sessions Thursday would have been even more so.

  2. Jim Glass Jr says:

    Dude, I wondered where you were. I thought you were just avoiding me.  ;o)

    You missed a killer session led by Phil Richardson. Manisha was there too. The PMs are just the kind of team mates you wanna talk with.

    Maybe you can hook up with us again at the June MVP Connect Live Meeting.



  3. The EMP was some of the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

    For all on stage with us, Thanks.

    Jim, next year bring the sax.


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