Are you integrating Microsoft’s CRM with SharePoint?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 (MSCRM) and Office Product Planning are currently looking for customers and partners who have invested in integrating MSCRM with SharePoint.  Please reply to this post with your specific scenario and how you accomplished the integration so we all can see what you have done.  It’s OK to share the scenarios and integrations that you are planning on doing and have not yet implemented.  And feel free to be as specific as possible by telling us how you accomplished the callout from MSCRM to provision the SharePoint Team Site.

Also, if you would be interested in sharing more about your solution with Product Planning please send an email to: .

Thanks in advance.

Kari Hensien

MSCRM/IW Product Planning

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  1. Patrice Mariet says:

    Performed visual UI integration with STS V2 (see all account’s documents) in a tab.

    Had fun with PDF documents opening in iFrame then have to click on the gray area then back to have Account reappearing.

    More seriously, while migrating doc libs to Office Server 2007, I’m looking for more "dynamic" integration. Not to say "Dynamics" engineering might help in a Feature Pack.

    Help welcome,


  2. KjellSJ says:

    We have integrated WSS doc-libs belonging to per account WSS team-sites into MSCRM. The team-sites are provisioned using the WSS admin web-services. Details here (part 1 and 2):

    In addition, we have implemented Office add-ins that store documents to these doc-libs. Details here:

    Another, simpler type of integration we have used, with a single WSS doc-lib for all accounts:

  3. For a university in Holland (appr. 5000 users) we used MS CRM as the primary solution to automate the Information Worker proces “From Lead to Invoice”. Not only did we integrade WSS to create account dossiers, but for each opportunity (which results in a project) a EPM project dossier (Project 2007/WSS 3.0) is created.

    We created an extra feature in MS CRM for generating documents. When a user want’s to create a (Word) document, the document is created with information from CRM (account or opportunity). The document is saved in chosen document library in the corresponding account/project dossier. The information stays up to date until the document is finalized in a x.0 version.

  4. Mariannerd says:

    We just finished a project which was build for a university in Holland. The customer was searching for a solution, we call “from Lead to Invoice”, for their research activities. Approximately 5000 users are going to use this solution. I am the solution architect for the project.

    Research projects are sold just like commercial projects. So they use CRM for account management and lead generation. For each account a WSS 3.0 team site is created for collaboration purposes. This is done using the CRM workflow which calls an assembly. The owner of the account is the owner of the site. Everybody in the organization has read privileges, and the owner is able to give individual users more rights. We use an iFrame where we load a page where only some document libraries are shown.

    We used the opportunity entity for the sales activities to get through the different sales stages until the project is approved. For each opportunity a WSS site is created based on the PWA team site template. The products from CRM are the generic resources in Project2007. We used the workflow service to call an assembly which creates a project in EPM based on the information in CRM. The corresponding WSS site is attached to the project so risks and issues can be tracked. When the project is created, Project 2007 takes over the security of this WSS site (every project member is contributor on the site).

    Another scenario in this project was generating documents. These documents are created with the data from CRM. Users work multiple days on a document (e.g project proposals) and the information should be refreshed when changed in CRM. We created a button in CRM for the account and opportunity entity. This opens a dialog where the user can choose the document library and the document template that should be used. The document will be created and saved in the chosen document library in the proper WSS team site.  

    The document has a connection with the data in CRM until it has a x.0 version. These versions are saved separately in the document library.

    Next step for this solution is integration with MOSS2007. One of the things we are going to accomplish is showing information on myOpportunities, myProjects (with status) and myReports mySites based on the role you have in CRM or Project.

    More info on :

    If you have questions, you can email me on:

  5. Rick (SVA Consulting) says:

    Our SharePoint integrations have taken the form of a single WSS/SPS site with documents separated into folders. We have a setup screen (using a custom CRM entity) that allows users to indicate, by entity type, the Url to the document folder for a record of that type. The url contains wild-cards that represent data on the CRM record. For example, if a SharePoint folder name is "AccountNumber – Name" for Accounts, then the "wild-card" url on the setup screen would be something like "http://WSS/AccountDocs/{accountnumber} – {name}"

    Then, we have a simple ISV button on the entity screen that dynamically builds the Url and opens a new IE window showing the doc lib folder.

  6. Nahi Simon says:

    We did a relatively simple integration that is quite effective. Basically we have a standard for all customer sharepoint sites e.g. http://sharepoint/SiteDirectory/Customer.aspx

    On the account form in CRM we added a dynamic shortcut link that redirects to this site using the accountnumber in CRM to match the Customer site in sharepoint. So if we’re in account ABC the redirect url would be http://sharepoint/SiteDirectory/ABC.aspx

    If the site exists already, the sharepoint site for that customer displays in CRM. If it does not, you will have the option to create that site from within CRM.

    It’s not a perfect solution but it is very effective.

  7. Very interested in integrating MS CRM 3.0 (and 4.) with Sharepoint and WSS 3.0.

    We want to display lots of metrics, KPI’s etc. in a Dashboard. Integrated access to collaborative functionality also hig hon the list.

    Please tell me where I can find out more on what MSFT are doing in this respect.


  8. JackA says:

    We have set up a sharepoint/CRM system that

    provides intranet sites to start-up and smaller companies as part of an economic development program. The CRM component is used to manage company/contact information and workflow on multiple processes. The CRM also works in conjunction with a web based membership system that offers a directory service and event handling. We have each element working separately but haven’t completely figured out how the integration will work. (

  9. decatec says:

    We are working on a Poc for CRM 4.0 and MOSS, where we dynamically provision a site for each customer, we still need to decide whether the created site will be accessible via Forms (FBA) by the customer.

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