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Hi all—

Just wanted to spring the good news that the updated Exchange E-Mail Router, with compatibility for Exchange 2007 has been released! This update allows for the distribution of CRM e-mail forwarding rules to mailboxes living on Exchange Server 2007.

Download can be found at:


Thanks to Dominic Pouzin, Adam Bly, Sudip Roy, and Matt Peart, without whom this update for our customers would not be possible! 

Michael Lu

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  1. Tom V says:

    I’m trying to figure out if I can use MS CRM with Exchange 2007. I don’t have an installation of an earlier version of Exchange.

    Or will this be possible in the future?

    Please advise.

    Thank you,


  2. Daniel (SG) says:

    You might want to check the URL redirection….

  3. 365blog says:

    Fixed. Thanks Daniel.  :o)

  4. Zac A. says:

    I’m also trying to get the scoop on this.  I’ve got a new sandbox environment with only Exchange 2007.  The 2007 router must be installed on an Exchange 2000 or 2003 server from what I’ve read.  Any one else have any info on this?



  5. Jeff says:

    We also only have Exchange 2007.  Has anyone heard anything about a CRM Email Router for Exchange 2007?



  6. blazej says:

    Same problem here…. Maybe someone from crm team can help us out? Any plans on releasing Email Router for exchange 2007 only organization?

  7. Mark K. says:

    We are a Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in Microsoft CRM consulting and installations. The People Ready marketing campaign, the recent Microsoft Convergence show in San Diego and the hundreds of regional seminars on Microsoft CRM have many first time CRM buyers implementing both Microsoft CRM 3.0 and the new Exchange Server 2007. Hence the need for the 64 bit Email Router.

    This brings the issue of installing the Email Router on an Exchange 2007 Server all the more critical. New customers installing Exchange Server 2007 into the Domain and updating the Active Directory schema are then prohibited from installing ANY Exchange 2000 or 2003 to support Microsoft CRM.

    New Microsoft CRM customers are then locked out of using the email routing feature until the CRM 4.0 "Titan" release next year. Titan will be 64 bit compatible and therefore can be installed on the Exchange 2007 Server. See the TechNet article regarding deploying Exchange 2000-2003 in a new Exchange 2007 only organization:

    Can someone at Microsoft please address the issue of not having a 64 bit Email Router for Microsoft CRM that can be INSTALLED on the Exchange 2007 64 bit Server "prior to next years Titan release"?; because this makes no sense to any of our Microsoft CRM prospective customers.

    And heads up to anyone installing Exchange Server 2007 who use Microsoft CRM with the Email Router. You MUST keep at least one Exchange 2000 or 2003 Server in your org if you want to keep using or install the new Email Router for Exchange Server 2007.

  8. Eric Sabo says:

    Is Microsoft going to make a 64-bit Email Router for CRM 3.0?

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