Accessing Selected Records in a Grid

You can programmatically determine which entity records a user has selected in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application grid. Using the information in the article and the sample code supplied in the download, you can develop custom code to perform a desired operation on each entity selected in the grid.

In addition to showing you how to obtain the list of selected grid items, this article shows you how to develop Web application code that makes use of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK and runs under the .NET Framework 2.0. Read the article and download the sample code here: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0: Accessing Selected Records in a Grid.

Peter Hecke

Comments (4)

  1. says:

    I have followed and re-followed this article from start to finish but keep getting a script error when the web page is called saying that length is not an object or is null.

    This refers to the window.dialogArgments.length check in the aspx page script. I this is removed then there is still a problem as it is actually due to window.dialogArguments being null.

    I just cant seem to get CRM to pass the parameters to the dialog box.

    I think i’m just being thick… Any suggestions?


  2. alan says:

    Iam also facing the same problem…please suggest the solution…it’s urgent…

  3. Ale says:

    Hi, about this post " Accessing Selected Records in a Grid" I have the same problem and I am not very experienced C#, JS developer. Could you please suggest a solution?

  4. Charles says:


    can we get all the records in all the pages that are returned in crm grid advanced find result ?(CRM 4.0)

    thank you.

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