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After the release of V3C, where we ‘ribbonized’ the CRM toolbar in the new Office 2007 Ribbon, I’ve been getting questions about why the CRM ribbon chunk appears in once place, but not in others. More often than not, this behavior is by design. To set the record straight, here’s where users will get to see the ribbon.

For Appointments, Tasks, and Contacts:

The CRM ribbon chunk is only available in the default folder of the default store. This includes sub-folders of the default folder.

For example, in the case of contacts, you will only see the CRM ribbon chunk if you are either in the “Contacts” folder or any sub-folders under “Contacts.”

For E-mails:

The CRM ribbon chunk will be available for emails in any folder of the default store. This means you will get the CRM ribbon chunk no matter how you organize your e-mails in your default store (typically Exchange).

However, an exception to this is Deleted Items, where no ribbon will appear.

Michael Lu

Comments (3)

  1. Jim Steger says:

    Hi Michael-

    I noticed that if you were to send an email directly from an Office application (such as Word, Excel, etc) the ribbon for CRM doesn’t appear.

    For instance, if you had a Word document open and did a File->Send->Email, you will not see the CRM ribbon. My only work-around to this is to first save the email, close and reopen it (or just ignore this functionality and start the email from scratch).

    Do you have a better solution or know if a hotfix for this will be made available?

  2. jashwood says:


    I’ve also noticed this behaviour – the CRM Ribbon is not visible when an email is sent from Office.. is this by design or is this something that is being looked at, if anyone could respond it would be much appreciated!



  3. Sabrina says:

    I am trying to figure out how to get that Track in CRM button on my outlook tool bar!!  I used to have it now I don’t and I really need it.  Any help would be great!!!



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