New Whitepaper: Optimizing the Performance of MS Dynamics CRM 3.0


I’m happy to announce that we have released the “Optimizing the Performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0” White Paper to  the Microsoft Download Center:


This white paper discusses how to optimize the performance of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 system. You’ll learn how re-indexing, de-fragmenting, and regularly maintaining your databases can increase the speed with which Microsoft Dynamics CRM accesses your data. The white paper includes more advanced techniques as well, such as improving report performance, configuring Microsoft SQL Server, and optimizing Microsoft Internet Information Services and the .NET Framework. You’ll find complete SQL scripts that you can copy and use immediately. Finally, you’ll find links to additional information and resources, such as performance enhancements, security updates, Knowledge Base articles, and related Microsoft Dynamics CRM documentation.

Please send feedback regarding this White Paper to, as periodic updates to this document are planned.


Greg Nichols

CRM Sustained Engineering

Comments (2)

  1. Brad says:

    I found this article very informative, but I had a couple of follow-up questions.

    1. For load balancing CRM servers, you mention using NLB. Is there something unique about the CRM architecture that would prevent other load balancers from working (e.g. F5, Zeus)?

    2. Is there a way to scale up the SQL servers if the bottleneck is in the database? (e.g. partitioning data across multiple servers, CRM database and metadata on different servers) I noticed that the report server could be somewhere else.


  2. Oyez, Oyez, le white paper consacré à l’optimisation des performances de MSCRM 3.0 est sorti. Vous pouvez

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