Happy Holidays from the Microsoft CRM team

Last night, the Seattle area was hit by a fairly exciting windstorm.  The 520 bridge (which is one of the two bridges that cross Lake Washington, connecting the east-side, where Redmond is, with Seattle) is still closed, and much of the region is without power.  Redmond was hit particularly hard by the power fairy, and the Microsoft campus is effectively closed.  My power only just came on here at home; I don't think I've ever experienced a week-day with as little incoming email, or as few people available via instant messenger.

Having few people in the office is a trend that is going to continue over the next few weeks, as we hit the full swing of the holiday season.  For this reason, we've decided to take a break from daily blogging here on the CRM Team blog.  We'll get back to posting every day in the second week of January.

We won't be entirely silent though.  There are one or two things that may occur in the next week or so that we will want to draw your attention to, so we'll be sure to post about them then.

This holiday period will also be a bit of a transition time for the blog and for me personally.  After almost 5 years working on CRM (since before we shipped v1.0), I'm leaving the team.  I'm also leaving the US, and will begin work with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV team in Copenhagen in January.  It's tough to leave this team - the people are wonderful, and I strongly believe in the product, and the "Power of Choice" goals that we're working towards.  I want to say thank you and good-bye to all of you with whom I've had a chance to work over the years.  It's been fun!

Phil Richardson (who you will know from his own blog and some of the great posts he's written here) has agreed to take over BlogFather duties, and will work with Jim Glass to keep things interesting and useful here at the CRM Team blog.

Have a happy and safe holiday season, and I hope you'll be back here in the New Year,
Ilana Smith

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  1. Jim Glass Jr says:

    Ilana, I hate to see you go. But I know you’ll do great things for the NAV team and having lived in Europe for over five years I can tell you that you are in for a great time. Keep in touch and let us know if you want to post here in the future.

  2. Will you join the NAV Team? This is wonderful. I hope you will bring lots of the CRM technology with you, share it with the NAV team and please post something about the new NAV 5.0 release.

    We all NAV partners around the world are exciting and at the same time worried for the upcoming 5.0 release. Why not sharing some betas?

    If the CRM Team will cooperate with the NAV team in the future, we’ll see for sure a great platform.

  3. mennotk says:

    Ilana, although we have never met in person I want to wish you good luck with your new challenge. It is kinda weird to see you move to Europe as I just moved to the States. Hope you have a great time and Denmark is a really beautifull country and completely different than the US or Australia.

    Happy holidays!


  4. jonadei says:

    Welcome to Scandinavia Ilana! Copenhagen is great and good look with NAV. Please say hi if you are around Stockholm.

  5. Ilana Smith, the founder of the CRM team blog, has recently taken up a new role the Dynamics NAV team

  6. Ilana Smith, the founder of the CRM team blog, has recently taken up a new role the Dynamics NAV team

  7. Hypothetically, if a founder of a team blog were to leave the team , and then join a different team that

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