Early Holiday Present – CRM Suggestion Box

Shirlene, who is always helpful and very clever, suggested that we open a Suggestion Box similar to Raymond's.  It's a good idea, so the suggestion box is now open.

Please note that we reserve the right to choose which suggestions will will write on, and we're not likely to write about things that other team will cover better. The suggestion box will be emptied and read periodically so don't be surprised if your suggestion vanishes. (Note also that we are under no obligation to accept any suggestion.)

Topics we feel comfortable writing about (in no specific order):

  • Microsoft History
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0
  • Future feature suggestions
  • Why did we do it that way
  • Customation of through gadgets and add-ins
  • Localization/Internationalization issues as they pertain to the CRM community

Topics we don't feel comfortable writing about:

  • Legal issues
  • Internet Explorer (there are others better suited to write about that)
  • Windows GUI (ask Raymond, he knows that stuff, I don't)
  • Why doesn't my code work? (Unless the reason it doesn't work demonstrates a general principal)


Comments (14)

  1. Why did you decide not to provide roll-up of services cases in the grid view from sub accounts, contacts to the top level parent account?

    If the answer is for performance reasons please provide the business justification on why the team didn’t believe this was a good tradeoff between performance and functionality-value.

    Jerry Weinstock

  2. Seth Kircher says:

    It would be great to hear your opinions on the current shortcomings of the Advanced Find function (especially as Advanced Find relates to Custom Entities and setting search parameters across multiple related custom and standard entities)

  3. Summit Imaging says:

    We would like to see a more robust quoting/order feature which allows you to add products with one click.  It would also be nice to be able to use quote templates.  Also, the letter and email features should include the ability to include pictures and signatures as well as the ability to create letter templates with mergeable fields in the web client so that you don’t necessarily need Office on your computer.  Also, the calendar and tasks should integrate better with Outlook.  Reoccuring Activities should be supported in the outlook client.  Also, it would be extra nice if CRM had an application based client instead of just embedding the web application into Outlook.

    We really like CRM, but a lot of our users get frustrated when the load times are slow and you have to make too many clicks to get things done.  We actually installed CRM for a client and he ended up being dissatisfied with it because of it’s inability to quote efficiently and track professional looking letters.

  4. Gunady says:

    1. As I have comment of previous entry (sadly without any reply), I would like to have more enhancement on the entity’s relationship, like the possibility to add relationship to the same entity more than once for custom entities. I have requirement before that I need to add relationship twice from custom entity (Event) to contact entity. First relationship as Event’s Participant and second as BillTo customer. I know this can be achieved using middle custom entity (that has relationship to Event and contact), but for end-users that only need exactly two relationship, the UI provided by middle custom entity is too complicated, and there’s no easy way to validate user need to enter those information.

    I suggest that the next CRM will follow more naturally to the basic function of ERD/Database model.

    2. Is it possible to have Quick Find in Associated View? My customer have a big number of contacts for each account, and also some other related custom entities. The only way to filter this is through Advanced Find, but some users are limited to use Advanced Find, because of the sensitivity information on several attributes and there’s no way to stop user to use the sensitive attribute as filtering criteria in Advanced Find.

    3. More function on the Custom Entity, like Import, Merge, etc, that currenly are limited to only system entity.

    Also one question: Is it true that when I merge contact/account, there’s no Lookup field/attribute displayed in the merge window?

    But anyway, CRM 3.0 is a good product. Well done :).

  5. Gunady says:

    Oh, and more, integration to .NET Framework 3.0 features, especially Windows Communication Foundation and Windows Workflow Foundation. That’ll be great point of customization :). Current CRM 3.0 don’t have any feature on Transaction which I think can be achieved by WCF. And Workflow can be done easier than before with WWF.

  6. Frederick.Chapleau says:

    A situation and some problems: We are using the Services Calendar, and we don’t know why the scheduler does not return the same schedule for Person A or Person B like "I want to schedule service X for a Group containing A, B and C." But the only schedule posibilities returned are for A, B OR C. Even if the person A, B and C are available at the same time, only one of the possibility is returned.

    An other problem is that if a resource have two break and a launch in a 8h day, we can’t schedule a 4h task even if there is nothing schedule this day. It’s the same thing if I want to schedule a 2h task in a 4h free period and there is a 15min task in the middle.

    The question: Is it me that is not using the CRM correctly? If not, do you plan to improve this scheduling process and when?

    I also saw the Schedule object that suppose to "Schedules provide the framework to add custom scheduling engine strategies." Do you have an example of that?

  7. Jim Glass says:

    Some of these are great–keep ’em coming. We’ll triage them in early January and start creating some new posts. JaAG

  8. Ismael J Carlo says:

    I’d like to see an article addressing the HTML editing control in CRM and how it could be replaced by something more robust such as freetextbox or telerik’s editor.  The main issue to resolve is supporting embedded images, CSS and tables in emails, articles, etc…


  9. Ch. Surieux says:


    Being able to fill a maketing list not only with contacts, accounts or leads but with systemusers ?

    Our users communicate interanlly with other  Crm users but also with company people who are not crm users.

    To do a marketing list we had to duplicate the systemusers to contacts:

    problem is that incoming mails are not solved, and history is not propaged to

    crm users activities: the mail address been unsolved,the mails stay in outlook

    and don’t reach crm ?

    having a marketing list composed of system users could be the solution to

    avoid duplicating crm users in contacts ?

    Any improvment in this area welcome, thanks and best 2007 year to all.


  10. John says:

    One problem I run into over and over is the inability to modify Associated views with fields from related tables.

    For instance the associated view for orders (order product) will not allow you to add fields to the view, even though they are on the product.  

    If you open the add more columns feature for any of these view there are a small number of additional fields to add, and ability to add more, in any manner.

    My Client is left with no part numbers and only descriptions for every part on an order.  I can’t tell you how disappointing that is, when your knee deep in a roll out and find that such basic functionality is "impossible".  

  11. John says:

    In integration with GP the Currency Decimal Settings do not match.  GP allows for 5 while CRM only allows 4.  In a full integration this causes some head aches.

  12. John says:

    One last one Suggestion(for now)

    1. Field level security is a must.  

     Credit limits are impossible to manage if anyone can change them.  

    2. In integration with GP you need to be able to modify orders after they have been submitted to the back end.  You can modify them after the fact all the way up to invoicing in GP on the back end, but in CRM you can only copy the order and then delete them.  

    In the real world revised orders happen daily the inability to revise orders when integrated, is a real hindrance.

  13. Hello there. For those interested in Merge functionality for custom entities. Here’s an article on how to enable this:


  14. Bogan Florin says:

    I read all documentation twice and I can not find anywhere if CRM 4.0 knows to Generate Invoices Automatically based on the service sell.

    The company who sell services, this is based on periodicy: electricity, internet services, cleaning, etc.

    does the CRM knows to generate Invoices automatically and than send over email with attachment and done this automatically based on Contract Parameter ?

    Bogdan Florin

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