Elearning… Anytime, Any Place, at Your Pace

Would you like to increase your productivity without spending time away from your home or office? eCourses are our newest training vehicle to help your people learn how to use Microsoft Dynamics products more quickly, easily, and conveniently—giving you a quick start on improving your business processes, customer relationships, and bottom line.

Why Experience E-Learning?

• E-Learning for Microsoft Dynamics provides a simple and effective way for you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. 
• E-Learning is available online and on demand so you get maximum convenience through virtually 24-hour-a-day access—without costly travel or extra time away from the office to attend training.
• Lessons can be stopped and restarted, skipped or repeated, rewound or fast-forwarded. Hands-on exercises and interactions including, quizzes and puzzles, reinforce learning.
• E-Learning generally covers a broad range of topics at a high level, and typically does not exceed 60 minutes in length.
• Also, with E-Learning, you are able to revisit material as many times as needed within your subscription period to ensure you have working knowledge of the topic and are comfortable with material you have covered.

Written by qualified subject matter experts, E-Learning for Microsoft Dynamics offers multi-media, rich components such as:

• Graphics,
• Animation,
• Simulations
• Demonstrations
• Text,
• Audio
• Full motion Video

To understand more about what an E-Learning experience will be like, please click on eCourse Demonstration link try a free demonstration:

eLearning Demonstration

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For more information on E-learning options, use the following links:

Already tried E-Learning? Do you have an opinion or suggestion about the tool or the content? Let us know how E-Learning works for you! We’d love to hear from you..

If you have any questions about E-Learning or other options, feel free to contact me, or any of the CRM Training Team members. 

Debbie Larson

Comments (3)

  1. Carl Dodds says:

    Some direct links to CRM courses would be useful…

  2. För att kunna dra full nytta av Microsoft CRM är utbildning ett mycket viktigt steg vid en implementation. Antalet funktioner och möjligheter är oändliga, att inte utbilda sig ordentligt gör att risken är stor att det finns mycket outnyttjad potential

  3. This link will direct you to the ‘Find Training’ section within http://www.microsoft.com. You can search for training by product.


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