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Kevin Bowling is a Senior Consultant with Microsoft, focusing on CRM deployment and custom development.  He’s been doing this gig since CRM was in pre-alpha back in 2002.  He resides in The Colony, Texas with his wife and two kids and used to make fun of people from towns that started with “The”.  Some day you may actually find him posting to his own blog.  Ben Vollmer, for one, is still anxiously awaiting that first post.

He would love to be more verbose with his bio but is currently putting out a fire and would likely be chastised by his project manager for not giving the appearance of spending every ounce of his day focused on that fire.

(Well, not a real fire; that’s just what we call it when the customer wants it yesterday but it’s not done yet.)

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  1. Lately, it seems that I’m increasingly asked to participate in pre-sales activities where someone from

  2. Bob Ferraro says:


    I’ve read the blogs and whatever content (mscrm white paper without exchange) I could find.  

    I have a good understanding of what can and cannot be done.

    The last question is if (CRM Outlook without Exchange) can outbound emails be associated in CRM by clicking "track in CRM"?  More specific, create new email from CRM Outlook, select contact to send, click Track in CRM, will the email go out, and the activity recorded against the contact in MSCRM database?


    Bob Ferraro

    Business Solution Partners


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