Bio – Ned Kandzor

As Marketing Communications Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Ned is responsible for driving strategy and planning around field and customer communications for the product. He has a solid background in global business across various media platforms, including radio broadcasting, print publication, and online publishing.


On-demand Hosted Microsoft CRM Demo

The Microsoft Dynamics Hosted team has released a new on-demand hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM demo, the first in a series of SaaS-enabled solutions the team is developing for partners and prospective customers interested in hosted Microsoft products. The English-only demo is a fully operational hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM environment, enabling Service Providers to deliver “try before…


E-Mail To Case for free

Dear CRM Community, I was invited by the Microsoft CRM Team to write a blog entry for you. I thank the Microsoft CRM Team for this privilege. For this blog entry, I decided in favor of how to create a button for the mail form. With this button a user can create a new case, based…


Snow and Ice for the Seattle Area

I get the feeling that some of you may be on CRM Team blog withdrawal. Well, here’s the back story. We got sloppy, wet snow with a sudden drop in temperature. This created glaze ice that coated all the roads and sidewalks. Cars were abandoned on the roads, buses slid off the roads, and many,…


Notifying contact’s owner about incoming e-mails

One of the best attribute of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is its extensibility. You can define workflow rules to automate certain processes and you can also add custom assemblies if the built-in functionality would not fulfill your requirements. I ran into the following problem a few weeks ago: whenever a CRM user receives an e-mail from…


Office Live Launches

With all the excitement surrounding the Zune (I myself was queuing at  the Redmond Target store at 8:00am last Tuesday) you might have missed the Office Live launch. Office Live is squarely targeted at Small Business users who require a customer facing website and/or business collaboration portal. With a raft of templates to get people…


Sales Pipeline Report

We used to have a long list of reports in MSCRM version 1.2. For MSCRM version 3.0 (v3), when we moved to SQL Reporting Services (SRS), many of these reports were consolidated and the number of reports that v3 shipped with was dramatically reduced. One of the reports became a consolidated version of many old…


Microsoft CRM v3.0 Update Rollup 1 nearing Release

CRM Sustained Engineering has been working with more than sixty selected customers and partners during a highly effective pre-release testing program.  We expect to send out a set of updated Pre-Release packages to the participants by Tuesday, November 21st for a final test pass.  We are targeting Nov. 30th, 2006 as the public release date,…


Using the attachEvent method to show users context sensitive help

UPDATE: This technique is actually an unsupported customization. Implementing this will place your implementation in an unsupported state. Be sure to remove this customization before calling support for any issue.  Much of CRM is about automating processes, but your organization probably still has business processes that rely on the judgment of your workers. You train…


Bio – Jim Daly

Jim is the manager of the Microsoft CRM SDK Content team. This is the team that writes prepares and publishes content for developers. See our portal at After 8 years teaching in Japan, Jim started working with CRM as a technical support engineer at Onyx in 1998. He moved into the training team at…